Thursday, December 1, 2016




Take a stand
Remember you can't see a remedy
All my life
I been dancing with an enemy
Strike a note
Listening to a love song
Baby, come here
Murder me with a black rose.

Talking on the phone
My head spinning around
Dancing to the sound
You are a remedy
Give me a crown
I can feel you in me
I had been wondering about you.
This clarity carries me
Take his hands
Remember he is a crazy dream.

Take a stand
Become a witness
Before he murders me silently
I don't care
Gossip in someone'l else's ear.

Stand a trial, turn around
Your heart is an guilty as sin
Pleasures sings again
The jury judges old sins
Sassy girl confesses her life story
This is a tragedy
This is the end
Count to ten
Falling to the ground
Lifeless girl.

Take a stand
We all are dancing like slaves
Pulls the trigger bullet rips through deep spirits
Take a stand
You are a remedy.

Shavonda Robinson@ 2016


Wake up stranger
There you are
Knock, knock on the door
Happy faces keep moving on
Beautiful sounds play in our heads
Black rain grows cold
In age as time roll on by
Round and round we go
Tell me now, tell me now
How do you feel inside?

In September we remember dancehalls entertained us all

The ruler of his kingdom
Queen Mary meets sparkling, silver things
Future fantasies come alive again
Driving crazy down the lane
Not caught up in somebody's love affair.

Queen Mary live in a sassy dreams
Swinging down a flowing stream
Who is the ruler
Queen Mary
Live out an odd fantasy
Wake up stranger!
Can i be yours truly
When are you coming home
Presence deserves to say
Below a deep surface
Written signature dives on a notepad
Humble boy calm down
Corner stone way back there
Knock, knock on the door
Memories do you still live here
Queen Mary
Can i have this last dance
With you?
Ballroom cherishing memories of you
Pardon me my dream
Did i stay true to all my dreams?
We danced time away
Watch me bow for you in grace
Queen Mary the great.

Shavonda Robinson @ 2016


Before you dtown below
In the deep water
Take my hand
You know I could save you
For the life of me
I am so confused
Invisible spirit keeps on calling from the past.

Through the invisible hourglass
Images flashes so fast
My eyes open so wide
I tried to channel my emotions
Sailing away in silence
Lost and found state of mind

Your heart is brave
In ten seconds
Take one last breath under water
Swallow all common doubts

Living life at the edge
Tell me my past mistakes
Jump and dive friendly
Dolphins start to glide
Test and drive in disguise
Overlooked loneliness.

@ 2016

My name is SHAVONDA ROBINSON I am mother of two beautiful kids I am author/poet/ songwriter My first book of poems titled Thy paintbrush to abstracting images and i am currently awaiting my second book coming out in late January to beginning February. I have a creative writing degree. I started my own online poetry magazine called Create something for the future for aspiring poets or writers that has a positive message. NASHVILLE TENNESSEE USA

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  1. Hello Shavonda... You are simply a star girlfriend. Your poetry is flawless.. I want to buy your book of poems..