Thursday, December 1, 2016




Why must I wake
Let this lug stay put
Frightened to open the eyes
In these skeleton of bones
Don't bother me,
Keep me here.
away from your spooking reality
Where out there can be scarier.
Out there makes in here exciting
Out there makes me feel paranoid
Out there for me can be terrifying
Out there is where I want to avoid
Why must I raise to your occasion
Go; go ahead with your heart's desire
Leave me here far from that devastation
Here in my place where it's no satire.
Being in your dark sights has been fearful
Moving about has become spine chilling
Unplugging thoughts of being in your skull
Where all seen is terrorizing to my awakening
Must I wake to see you ruin my upcoming day
Feeling safer inside my house of dreams
Can you leave me with my soirée
Where it's mine to make my own gleam.

© Thomas De Angelo
10.27.16 / 1055


Standing about you
Feeling ultimate nature
Feeling your winds blow
Trees hiding no more
Must you be a new reason
Changing with the wind
Baring your cool breeze
Knowing your only a visit
Feeling your drifts
Colorful looking
Extreme sights you bring
Blowing to ruins.
As your sights end
Your beauty diminishes
Bringing a cold friend
We are loving you
Though with are little comfort
Many seek you gone.

Thomas De Angelo @
10.25.16 / 1725


Arriving like seagulls
Carrying their bags like storks
Spending hours dropping unseen coins
Bells and lights sound and flash all the while
As they come in landing with hopes of multiplying
They sit to win and leave with little glory
Yet, they find their way to that delightful room
A room of little requiring fuss
Only before entering paying is a must
As one circles the rooms delights
Those that fabricate these pleasures
Wait to serve our scooping findings
What the pockets lost was hungers gain.
Those that entered this room depart winners
Until they remember how lighter their pockets.

10.29.16 / 1300

As I lay here, I wait
To feel the glory days replay
To bring back our youthful soul
Play it for me again, Sam.
You were my back-bone
Gave me the growth to live
I long for your touch again
Yet, how I fly away in you.
I left you here in peace
Yet peace I live without
You my love are my life
Life I live lives in you
Every beat felt
is heard by my heart
Every breath I take
is deeper for you
Every moment you are there
I am here
Every time you move
I feel grass grow.
My dear Sam
I can't leave you
My dear Sam
I know you can feel me
My dear Sam
We will play again.
© Thomas De Angelo
10.27.16 / 1745
THOMAS DE ANGELO was born in New York City, NY. Where he started writing when he was a teenager, it started as something to do, it became his addiction which was put on hold after graduating high school from Adlai E. Stevenson located in the Bronx part of the city. During his senior year he decided to join the Military, joining the Army. After he achieved all the military basic training, it was then he would find the free time to rejoin what he started years earlier. While stationed in Japan he had entered a poetry contest found in a magazine, which was his first real writing, winning him Merit of Honor. From that point he took off with this idea he could. It has been said he is a natural writer of poetry, a painter with words and captures life. Thomas resides in the lower Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, working as a Motor Coach Operator for a local family company. Enjoys the openness and night time skies where he at times explores the Appalachian Trails.


  1. wow Hello Thomas.. you look so good and your poetry is flawless .. soooo good to see you here on Our Poetry Archive