Thursday, December 1, 2016




My beautiful lady with Autumn skin,
do not be ashamed
of the marks that time left upon you.
Look into the mirror.
You're still beautiful...
You're still fire...
burning with intense desire.
Your body once was Spring,
then Summer, now it's Fall.
But there's still passion
in your soul and body.
Your skin still gets
goosebumps when touched.
Look into the mirror once more,
you're beautiful...
you're fire... you're desire.
My beautiful lady with Autumn Skin.

(Initially published on The Birdsong Anthology)


I wasn't looking
when I found you,
I've been expecting
your arrival forever.
You've turned into
everything I wished
and wanted, always
bringing peace to my
hurt and tormented soul.
You turned my gray days
into colorful rainbows,
while each of your tender
words were tattooed deep
inside my impassioned heart.
You've caressed me without
touching me and your kisses
have returned my bright smile
and restored my faith in love.

(Initially published on Whisper's of the Wind)


If one day you look for me
and you can't find me anymore,
look into the poems that I
wrote to you, you'll find me there.

Close your eyes and feel me,
as I left a piece of my soul
in every letter, in every word.

Look for me in a Dandelion
In a rainy day
In a pristine white rose
In a cloudy sky
In our beautiful full moon
In a thunderstorm
In our favorite song
In a crimson red dress

Find me in your dreams
Feel me in your coldest night

I will look for you
In a lonely night
In the core of my soul
In a golden star
In our favorite song
In the sound of the rain
In every tear I shed,
one by one until
there is no more,
no more you, no more I,
no more us.

I will go quietly without
interrupting your silence

If one day you remember me
and you can not find me
do not look for me anymore
this time I left to never return.

Perhaps our love will
fade like the words in
my old book of poems

I will always  treasure
our loving memories in
the shattered petals of
a pristine white rose.

(Initially published on Indiana Voice Journal)


My world teeters
but I will not fall

I'm standing here
tall and proud
No matter what
life throws at me

I'm making my own path
with the stones
that I stumble on

Will not follow the crowd

My dreams could be
scattered by the wind
like pieces of a dandelion

But if I can touch a heart
with my words, if I can
make someone think
twice before they act,
then my work wasn't in vain.

(Initially published on The Poet Community)


BLANCA ALICIA GARZA is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a nature and animal lover, and enjoys spending time writing. Some of her poems are published in the Poetry Anthology, "Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze", now available at Blanca's published work can be viewed at The Poet Community, Whispers in the Wind Blog, The Winamop Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, Tuck Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review as well as Birdsong Anthology 2016, Vol 1.

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  1. Blanca's poetry is soft and gentle, lovingly romantic. Coming straight from the heart. She has a "Rebel" side to her work, also. Her wish is to inspire, and touch someone, even if just "one" make a difference in this world. Barbara Suen