Thursday, December 1, 2016




Drifting weightlessly awhile dreaming lucidly seeing
Floating through halls of granite having huge columns
Touching cold stonewalls filled with ancient lights
Knew momentarily, I was transported somewhere else
I studied the writings and carved pictures on the walls
Reading a story of humans caught within an earthen warp
But, here a palatial ruin, not foreboding, and oddly grand
Felt pleasure and comfort, felt familiarly, as if, I was home
The temple held temples, spirits ~ awaiting souls
A ride through the cosmos in order to find their own
And meanwhile awaiting the catalyst who transports
Watched myself drifting in this palatial mausoleum space
Recognizing old ~ old character beings, I’ve known
In another place for certain; however, this was our womb
Until the time of birthing thus taking flight combusting into life
Here we gathered, quietly awaiting, until our mother said
And this cold monumental temple is our place
I recognized the carvings and the silent grace
And one day, will return and unite with my family
A peaceful dream experienced, finding my haven

©2016 Bonnie jennings All Rights Reserved


The aromas of luxurious greens adorned the ruin
And wandering up the stairs had intense feelings
Chills and goosebumps and Erector Pelli presented
The closer the emerging, the more intuition feelings
Here I’d been, in this place along ~ long time ago
The whispers of distant voices and conversations
Remembered laughter and thought of the dancing
Beer, wine and silver goblets, and sheer elegance
Gentleman in kilts, and fair maids with bosoms
Cajoling till dawn, Oh, the legends ~ long gone
And now Butter Cups adorn the stairs leading up
To a place once reserved for men of Highlanders
And, The charitable Sisters of Dawn, tended by day
Oh, but that was ancient centuries now long forsaken
Here I walk, three hundred years past such history
Visiting ghosts, and wondering could we have passed
Each other again, some later time and place, so aghast
Venturing another lifetime, could they’ve too ~
Will we meet again, at this ruin on a hill?
©2016 Bonnie jennings All Rights Reserved


Momentarily, de jevu flashed as erroneously remembered
This castle amongst foliage and humongous lizards
Oddly familiar, the senses anticipate relevance
To a time untamed, yet wildly passionate
Where fair maidens surrendered to kings impassioned
And the jungle seems unexciting after all the eras
And lost was the drunken music, beer, and enibriation
No decadent laughter heard, no reveling “bottoms up!”
Just me standing reverently, at the nevergreen years
Ghosts that linger, and faint voices past
And prayerfully, I turned around in my tracks


BONNIE JENNINGS was born in New Orleans, LA, USA and from there she moved with her family to several different paces, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana again, Arizona, Puerto Rico, Atlanta Ga, Miami and Ft Lauderdale Fl and now residing in The Piney Woods of East Texas. She has travelled to South America on three occasions, Europe, France, England, and Rome. She studied Shakespeare at Stratford Upon Avon, UK. She spent summer in Beckington, England 1969 while attending summer school. At nine years old she had a fascination with the stars. Her father taught her from his time spent in WWII as a navigator, and from that relationship, Bonnie became consumed with astrology, mythology, religions, Christianity, Gnosis or Gnostic Christianity and other esoteric beliefs. She wrote poetry at a young age and also short stories. She has had experiences with attending exorcisms and was taught about spiritual warfare. This book, The Secret Lives of Fairy Godmother’s, Witches and Angels arose from her 63 years of study.

She has two children, 6 pets, a wonderful supporting sister, and another sister who left home 47 years ago and never returned. By profession she has an AS-ADN in RN and has been a psychiatric nurse for the past fifteen years, and spent 8 years prior to psych in medical. From 1972 through 1988 she was a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines. In 1999 she competed her first novel, a sci-fy, and their home burned down and she lost the entire book. She often fantasizes about the leading character, who has never left her side. His name was/is  Zeta, a special angel.


  1. Bonnie what beautiful poetry... Your poetry is flawless...

    1. Deborah, thank you from the bottom of my heart... This is such a treat to come home from work to see what you’ve done for me... Thank you for your compliment... Thank you...

  2. Your work is impeccable and unforgettable and intense. You poetisize your messages and they come through admirably and nostalgically ... no matter what you write, your words stop us in our tracks and we are hit spellbound from beginning to end and don't look up, so entranced. I'm blessed also to be close friends with this fantastic writer and even more awesome person!!!!!

    1. Oh, dear Susan, I had no idea tat I would come home to this treasure today. I so thank you for recognizing me and I appreciate your praises.... Thanks so much....

  3. Bonnie is a awesome poet/ writer i really enjoy her work greatly.

    1. Thank you Cindy, I so much appreciate this gift of Deborah's. I really needed to come home to this today. What a delightful surprise I came into from having a long work week. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement... Wow... thank all of you...

  4. Bonnie Jennings poetry is mystical. She writes in the playful muse of fairies and of winged angels who carry you to distant lands of magic. An incredible writer of enchanting tales. She keeps the reader in a wondrous state from beginning to end. Barbara Suen

  5. Thank you Barbara.... I just saw this... Thank you and Merry Christmas