Thursday, December 1, 2016




Never think my dear friends
That the absence of tears
Means nobody is crying at all
For there are invisible tears
That don't come through
The naked and weary eyes
But from the very bottom
Of a broken heart!

Tears disguised as blood
And run through the veins,
Causing its transparent journey
An uncontrollable and deep pain
Which turns one's life into
A real living hell!

Many times I deeply felt
Like crying and drop real tears
But I couldn't because of pride
While I was dying inside!

Time slowly passed,
Overcoming my agony
When I regained my strength
And moved forwards
In search of new horizons
By keeping my hope and faith
And thanking the One above!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All Rights reserved-2016
New York City



What is now?
What brings today this day
That makes Yesterday the Past
And sorrows gone away?

The air of my own destiny
Beckons to follow the right path
And pushes me-like the wind-
Always from behind!

Tomorrow is but a day
In the future!
Maybe it will come to you
The same as me!

Tomorrow is a dear wish,
A great desire from the heart
And an anxious dream
Waiting to come true one day!

I and my faculties
Contemplate poignant ideas
That can challenge my mind
Further on without fears!

Now, I realize that opportunity
Is the first prerogative, now?
To grasp, hold and live for!

Today is but another day
To fully enjoy with my goal
Vividly present in my mind
While my hope still alive!

Romeo Della Valle
(c)All rights reserved-2016
New York City



I am what I am,
Nothing more, nothing less,
Always the same night or day
Without pretending to be
Someone else but myself!

I am the leftover of yesterday,
The living spirit of today
That clearly reveals my whole self,
Hoping to inspire with my words
The new generations to come
They are the future, no doubts,
For they hold the precious key
That will open the doors of
A new and peaceful world!

I am the essence of life itself
Embedded in spirit and flesh
Without sorrows, shames, regrets
and sharing with fellow beings
Nothing more than my total self!

I am the color of the rainbow's end,
Camouflaged by a bewitching light,
Blending into blue and sparkling
Patterns made sandy bright,
Leaving behind just a trace
Of footprints and then,
I am gone with the wind,
Hoping to leave my legacy behind!

All rights reserved-
New York City

POET ROMEO DELLA VALLE. He lives in New York City USA. Born in a beautiful island named Quisqueya or Hispaniola and from Italian and Spanish parents and coming to America very young with a goal, mainly, to succeed in life and be happy.  He has worked very hard and gone to school to better himself...Fully aware of who he is, finished school and still working very hard.

He has gone out of his way to make other people happy, however, he hasn’t  be so lucky to find somebody to accept the way he is....just a human being-not perfect-but a caring human with feelings and love to share....As a citizen of the world, there is not race, color, or religious beliefs that would stop him from searching for happiness....He loves and writes for the sake of his soul...He freely expresses his feelings to this vast universe...Only the mighty God knows what he has been going through....and whenever is the time for him to depart forever...let it be, , there is only one life to live...Going away being happy that he leaves his own legacy behind for others humans to learn from his poems.

He has become through times passed that he is a man with a Vision and a clear mission: 'To spread his message of Love an Peace throughout the World and if his poetry can touch a single soul in the World, then he would gladly die leaving clear footprints behind!
Romeo-New York CitY.


  1. wow Romeo your poetry is flawless and wonderful .. Thank you for agreeing to add your poetry here in the Archive

  2. Romeo is the type of Poet where every word he touches becomes a hit!!! He can do no wrong; his impeccable style and dapper flair will keep you satisfied and contentedly amused.