Thursday, December 1, 2016


Debbie Embrey


what are you looking at
I know what you're thinking
you think because I'm big
I'm not beautiful?
well let me tell you something~

Dragon eyes can follow
with the look of disgust
because you don't see me
you don't know me
you only see what you want to see
you are looking in the wrong place
and you are looking
with those dragon eyes~

You won't get far with that
you're looking on the outside
not even questioned about
the real me - whose inside
what I am made of
or who I really am
don't give me that crap~

You have only eyes for those
with alluring bodies
and sexy smiles
and battering eyes
because you think they're beautiful
well let me tell you something~

I'm beautiful too!

Debbie Embrey @ November 2016


Sometimes you get to reading
and you get so involved ~

You become part of the story
or part of the poem
and you cannot drive yourself away
no matter how thirsty
how hungry
or how much pain ~

Reach in...
listen to the words
and you are the one in pain
you are the one that needs
the love and attention
you become the wolf
whose life was tossed
into the wild blue
into the highest skies
amidst the farthest star~

you can't help yourself
life isn't what it was
it isn't peaches and cream
it's no longer a mystery
but it's become a dream~

A dream you cannot escape
a dream where you hammer
on the walls
and you see your life
isn't like you imagined~

You were once the pup..
but now you've become
the protector
the guardian~

And to save all those lives
it's left up to you~

Oh which way to turn
who to trust..
a story untold~
Debbie Embrey @ 11-5-2016


Breaker; Breaker! 1-9, anyone listening?
A trucker was leaning half off edge of the highway,
Breaker 1-9; Breaker 1-9 he shouted again
I need to get across the line thru the skyway~

No one was coming back and it was cold
The heat of the radiator was fading pretty fast,
He keyed the mike and just held it a moment
I need Someone to hear me~ at least while I last~

He let off the mike again and still nothing
Dishearten and afraid, a blizzard for miles ~unplanned,
There was very little light left during the day
And all that trucker had was himself and the radio band~

In a lower voice he spoke again, praying
Breaker 1-9, I've got a little story for ya fellers there,
I've been through a lot of hardships in my lifetime
Shot at, slapped, stabbed, and still lived and didn't care~

Once I was hit in the head with a clay pipe
That was about just about eight inches or so around,
I laid the slick out all nightlong and ouchhh!
What a headache the next morning, but I got up off that ground~

I've been through a lot of crap that made me nuts
Drove me to points in my life I could care less anymore,
I tried my best to take away my life and ouchhhh!
Well, that didn't work... they called me ''hard to the core.''~

I don't even know if anyone can even hear me
Nobody was listening when I said my truck broke down,
Besides who wants to hear a honery sucker that's silly
With unfilled dreams who all his life acted like some clown~

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Boy, it's gettin' cold out here ... feelin'
..... well, like a freezer done froze me right to da bone!
But I guess that's the way it was meant to be, huh?
Some guys just meant to be with families,.. others die alone~

His voice cracked here and there and he sneezed
Coughing, almost choking once as he gasped for air,
Then he continued, Well, Boy, if that don't beat all
Some things in life .... well, hell! Life's just not fair!''~

In the distance a light blaring in the midst of the snows
By that time it was already in the morning about three,
The mike fell to the floor by the trucker's dying side
But there were other truckers coming to set him free~

A trucker's call thru the skyline hadn't been wasted
The good Lord hears prayers for they come from the heart,
By the time the first one arrived, the driver was frozen
And the engine was ruined~ and the rig wouldn't start~

It took about two hours after CB'ers did their things
Making calls, getting 9-1-1 on the ball to the site,
But that trucker was rescued in plenty of time
Glory given to God, he made it through the night~

@ 2013

DEBBIE EMBREY, I am a author and a poetess, I have grown children, grandchildren and already a two year old toddler that is my great granddaughter! Those alone are huge blessings that have been bestowed upon me the past few years. Along with all this greatness, I've been blessed with publication of three books already! One of those I co-wrote with Deborah Brooks Langford, and I am honored to have had that priviledge. My book links are: http:


  1. Debbie I am in Love with your poetry... absolutely wonderful to read.. you are a star..

    1. You are amazing as well! Thank you for such kind words and inspiration! Hugzzz!!

  2. I fell in love with this Writer's words about three/four years ago, introduced by a mutual friend named Deborah Brooks Langford. Debbie Embrey has her own unique style that can mirror any of the greats (Poe, for instance, is one of her subject matters that appears quietly sneaking up in some of her poems for a tasty surprise). She is affluent with words and makes them dance and they invite you to dance with them. And so you do, regardless of whether or not you have the moves, you are inspired to follow her where ever she may take you. Her words are that powerful!!!

    1. You're awesome! Thank you so much for your time and inspiring words. Love you so much!