Thursday, December 1, 2016




GOD on what path has the world lead me?
Doors open and doors close.
Windows of opportunity appearing and disappearing.Catastrophic events causing panic and remorse.Things gained and quickly lost as the flood tides sweep them away.

GOD lead me on the path of the righteous for your name’s sake,
Help me see the broader picture in this kaleidoscope of life.
People are lost sheep but only a few are found.
Make your message clear to my ears.

You are my rock and foundation,
As the sun turns black and the sea folds beneath my feet.
The Valley of Death is before me,
The Gates of Heaven are above me,
The raging fires of Hell are flaming beneath me.

Oh, GOD, have mercy on my soul,
Set my eyes on the path of Glory,
Let my ears hear only your resounding word,
Sweet is the sound of my Saviour’s name,
In Jesus name, amen.

Ann Landrum-Stockstill
All rights reserved. May 12, 2014


I am chained,
Caught between two lovers.

One wild and free and passionate
When making love to me.
He takes me to new heights,
Explosive lovemaking all during the night.

The other is steady as a rock,
By his word, I could set my clock.
Slow and gentle is his touch,
Like lapping waves hitting the shore.

They are both in my head and heart.
One rides fast and hard,
Finding hiding places to escape in the dark.
The other is careful not to hurt,
Soothing and methodical he heals my heart.

I am chained between two lovers,
One wild and free who brings out the passionate side of me.
The other steady as a rock,
He worships me with a devotion that will never stop.

I am chained and don’t know what to do.
Caught in the middle between the two of them.
I love them equally the same.
I just am caught in the middle of a player’s game.

So I am chained.

Ann Landrum Stockstill
August 23, 2015


God created a world full of wondrous beauty
Nature’s bounty knew no end
Gardens of flowers, garlands of birds
Sunrise, sunsets, and rolling ocean tides.

Views of landscapes have changed
Fires rising from angry crowds
Shots fired, criminal acts, lives lost
Rivers of tears for senseless crimes every year.

Where has love gone?
People out of control
No rhyme, no reason, no excuse
Violence instead of prayers
Broken glass, broken lives, abandoned hope.

Cries rising from the smoke
Chaos among unruly crowds
Where has the love gone?
Negative energy abounds
Satan leading demon resurrection on Earth.

Lost souls wandering among the ruins
A world out of control- no one responsible for their actions
Uneducated children in a circle of violence
Unable it seems to break the generational cycle.

Where has love gone?
Stars falling like tears from the sky
Flowers bowing their heads in grief
Ocean waves rolling the shore to wash away debris.

Where has the love gone?

All rights reserved. September 23, 2016

ANN LANDRUM STOCKSTILL, has a Masters of Education degree and taught middle school and junior high science and English for 35 years.  She owns and operates Coyote Creek Ranch and specializes in Homozygous Paint Horses and APHA/PtHA World Champion Paint Horses and ship horses internationally.

She began writing poetry about 2 ½  years  ago and uses her experiences involving nature, her ranch, parole experiences, and love of animals and experiences with family, friends and parolees in her writing.  She writes Poetry, Children’s books, Short Stories, Novels and Chap Books.  Plus she has contributed to a number of anthologies incorporating the works of international poets.

Future projects are two adult novels entitled “THE DARK SIDE” and “Falling from Grace.”  Also in the works is a Faction about a horrific relationship she found herself in that she feels will help other women see red flags of getting caught in the wrong relationship with psychopathic/narcissistic men.  People can survive this and that will be one of her goals to pass on.  To bring further awareness of these issues of abuse and Domestic violence, she will soon be co-writing a book with Author Susan Joyner-Stumpf regarding the same subject matter entitled BEHIND CLOSE DOORS. 


  1. wow Ann how wonderful you have joined us here at Our Poetry Archive.. your poetry is flawless and your talent is outstanding.. many blessing to you Poetess..

    1. Thank so much Deborah. It is an honor to be among so many talented writers.

  2. I am endeared to this versatile writer of Children's Books, Chap Books, Faction Books, Poetry and Novels. There is nothing that Ann Landrum Stockstill cannot write about and it not be believable or memorable. She takes life experiences and effortlessly blends them with fantasy and there we have a mix of genre that is both interesting and tantalizing for any poetic palate. I recommend her books for Adults as well as children; she captures any heart that reads her books.

  3. Susan you are not only a talented author but my inspiration. Your work is cerebral work that dissects all aspects of humanity. Your love of animals and nature connects us to a greater cause. I appreciate your help with my work and your creative presence in my life.

    1. I look forward to our Co Write Book coming up the week of 12/12/2016, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. It's going to help a lot of people and continue to help US heal as well the wounds in life we suffered (but survived) to tell the Story.

      You are an awesome analytical writer who is meticulous and intense, refined, orderly and sublime, strong, imaginative, whimsical and unforgettable; while my often darker-nostalgic side, sorrowful hues, helplessly romantic sided qualities dotted with wordplay and poetic sprinkles will make a nice Soup of fascinating and interesting ingredients to please any palate ~ we compliment each other in the best of ways and that will reflect in BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, which will, ironically, open many doors for SOME.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your poetry Ann... Back and forth, yin and yang... the emotions of love....