Thursday, December 1, 2016




I stumbled upon some mud today, while making memories, with my new best friend.
His fondness for cold, wet dirt, just never seems to come to an end.
Squishy feelings arose in my heart, as we rolled around vicariously.
He might be small, but he is quick; he followed me, right up a tree!
Mommy's probably gonna be mad, that we've made ourselves into such a mess.
What do you expect from a COUNTRY GIRL; I wouldn't be caught in a clean dress!
Someday I'll look back on this day, and laugh uncontrollably.
If not for times like this, how could I write poetry?


We begged, fearless Uncle T, to take us on an  ADVENTUROUS RIDE.
Ali quickly grabbed the window seat; Ciara plopped down, by his side.
He floored it through a vegetable garden and knocked several blossoming bushes down.
Then zoomed and vroomed over concrete sidewalks,  in one of the busiest parts of town.
While racing along a winding road, a screeching siren forced the car to a halting stop.
Uncle T was issued a hefty speeding ticket,  from an extremely indignant cop.
Once home, Mother inquisitively inquired,  about Mr. Wilson's, toppled, exotic tree.
Our precious faces looked virtuously innocent ... with the exception of Uncle T!


Haunting memories constantly play in the minut creases of my bewildered mind.
Fiercely fighting against demons that continously dance until my thoughts appear to have committed a crime.

Born with what they say is a chemical imbalance within my desolate brain.
Diagnosis proved, yet I curiously question, if I'm feverishly going completely insane.

Inquisitively I search within harsh memories, for days I wasn't constantly feeling  CORNFLOWER BLEU.
Depression is a horrendous disease that keeps you from simply, just being you.

Rude, hurtful people pass  judgement because their eyes cannot see within your wretched soul.
They are oblivious to the mere fact, inside, you're completely opposite of someone made believingly whole.

Medications have way too many side effects that grotesquely morph your outer being.
Toxic chemicals make you want to not believe exactly what you are seeing.

Counselors can flap their jaws until every single, mooing cow comes galloping home.
Unless you walk a mere mile in my dusty, rugged shoes, your inadvertent advice won't earn me a throne.

So exactly what, is a person to do, that suffers with this inescapable disease?
Straighten your crown, compose your mindbending thoughts and approach each glorious day, with ease.


KRISTA VOWELL CLARK puts emotions from life experiences, into written words. Her poetry is a personal form of expression and at the same time, a release to free herself of pent up emotions, in hopes of making the reader feel present and experience them, with her.  She strives to encourage and give hope to the reader. Krista is the 2016 Realistic Poetry International Contest winner. In her free time she mentors up and coming young poets and  is an avid volunteer for many causes in her community, where she resides in Virginia. Krista has been published in Raven Cage Ezine, The Poetry Community, Tuck Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, Peeking Cat Poetry and many other literary publications.


  1. Congratulations Author Krista Vowell Clark on yet another credit to your endless expressions of poetic reason and rhymes. Your poetry will always stand the test of time. May your ink forever flow fine as vintage wine. Pittsburgh Author Renee' Drummond-Brown (Renee's Poems with Wings are Words in Flight).

  2. Krista's poems are written in colorful words that make you feel as if you were there with her. She is unashamed of writing about her own personal pain, which takes much courage sometimes. A Very talented poet. She will bring awareness, and compassion to the pain of taboo topic, not talked openly about. Helping others know they are not alone!!! A poet with a bright future in Writing. Barbara Suen