Thursday, December 1, 2016


Richard M Knittle Jr


You will know when it is
finally over when your tears
no longer fall, the fear you
had of being alone, no longer
scares you at all, all the
cracks upon your broken
heart will no longer leak in
pain, no longer falling to
your knees when someone
mentions their name, when
you sleep at night and close
your eyes you again will
start to dream, no more waking
up at night screaming out
their name. All the painful
memories of the past will
slowly fade away, leaving
thoughts of only good times
with nothing else to say.
The television will not be
set on Hallmark family
shows, no more stacks of
tissues to wipe your eyes
and nose. You won't be in
your room locked away all alone while listening over
and over to all the sad old country songs. Friends and
family will finally stop banging
on your door, wondering if
you are still alive, or dying on
the floor. Youe clothes will all be folded, and the dishes put away. Then one day you will
look out the window and see
a clear blue sky, then open
up the front door to see the world alive, next you will close
your eyes for just a moment
and take in a big deep breath
knowing that it is over and
there is nothing left. What comes next? That I cannot
say for that is up to you, but I
do one thing and that is your not alone we have all been through it too.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
©A #Poets Journey


How is it that I am able to
write about a love that has
been forever lost for me, the
type of love that makes my
heart beat faster and my
soul to begin again to dream?
The ink that flows through
my veins is filled with sparks
of love and hope and ignites
a deep burning desire as it
spills out upon the blank
pages in what I call "My life's
book." To myself I wonder if they are memories of my
past lives that I have had, or
are they dreams of what is
to come as I am walking down
my long and lonely path. Why do I write about such such
happiness when sadness is
all that I have ever seen? How
can I write down about peace
on this earth when I cannot
even find peace within me?
How is it that the words that
flow from my pen as I write
down about all of my own
pain, causing those who read
them to begin again to heal
for I am the one whose heart has broke in pain and I
cannot stop all the ink it spills
before it is breaks again?
Why do I keep writing about
all of our life's mistakes? Is
their anybody out here, who
is listening? Do they care what I have to say? When I write
about the homeless plight will
it give them a home to stay or
children going hungry does it
put some food upon their
plate?  When I write about
addiction the one I know so
well will it keep all my friends
from dying or being locked
away in jail? When I write all
of those words down about
how I really feel will some
come up hug me or do they
say I am just a fool? When I
talk about my brother's all of
the hero's who fight in
freedoms name, especially
the ones that are coming
back from unwanted wars with
physical injuries and going
now mentally Insane, the
very same men and women
we asked to fight in battles
to die for you and me, leaving for destinations very far
away while leaving behind
their friends and family so
that we can keep our way life
and know that we will be
okay. Will our broken down
government finally care
to get help for everyone? After all they were still only children
when they handed them the
guns. Will people start believing in the angels and our
God above who is looking
down upon us to shower us
with love, the same very God
whom I saw now three years
ago, that day that I took my
life and wanted to go back home, what I saw while I was
there was something I never will forget, but he said to me
as he touch upon my bowing head, "A gift I give to from
me for your time here is
naught, teach your son the
many things what they all
forget, peace and love, shall
rise again, teach them what
now so I grant to you a new
begin, battles won and battles
lost never stop believing at
any cost, back you be when
your work is done, time we
have has come and gone, the night we live has lived its past
for He shall bring his peace to
last." When I awoke the tears
for him begun, I started writing
right about all that learned
and I hope and pray everyday
to He that it shall never end.


Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


When two lonely souls collide
on a collision course of love
amazing things will happen
from the celestial fields high
above, for they can now rejoice
over the fact that two of their
beautiful souls have finally
come together as one in a
matrimonial binding of love.
All the cosmic rays from whereabouts
of destinations that are all unknown
will sometimes come together
to form a parallel paradox universe
from where true love had actually
first begun and that in turn I
am happy to say will cause abnormalities
in the mathematical ratio of two
souls actually becoming one, meaning
that two more lonely souls in this
world are no longer lonely anymore.
And furthermore when this paradox
of emotional mix-ups does occur
the dynamics of two souls that became
one will change quite considerably
by taking the account of and adding
to the equation for the amount of
what is his, what is hers, and
what is ours.
So in conclusion when the information
Is added together and all of the facts
are out for everyone to see the the
complete and total computation is
that the two souls who collided
together that had actually combined
as only one will usually ends up
before it is over actually being three.

(c) A #Poets Journey

RICHARD M KNITTLE JR Lives in the DFW area in Texas.

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