Sunday, January 1, 2017


Hand can’t completely obscure the sun glare
A row of trees but not tall
Provide a small shady to stop
No further reason can be found
Stroll leisurely in which
Although the flower fields wantonly swagger
Make it clear, midsummer has come
The path was hidden in the near front flatly

Rotate half of the body
The voyeuristic grievances end in constant meandering
Holding the not-firm- enough pace
Give enough uncertain pace looks weak
The south wind blows from behind
The departure of spring meaning full
Dandelion has not been greeted
Shadows whirling
Teasing that layer of light clouds

Could it let be, each day
One hundred merciless figures
All did not look back

Waiting for
South wind is no longer into the flower field
One day, if I am willing to go back
Be the first lover return home
Little path
You can’t laugh at me

Such as another dark injury
With that bitter can’t be spit it out

So afraid
The home of my husband is a place the stars do not shine
I do not know
The future husband
Can light up the sky just for love or not
The future mother-in-law
Can light up the sky just for
As I am their own daughter

In the past
The wind blows the sky
Always touching the lingering nocturne
Through the window
How only tonight
Without a little bit of sound
Without a little bit of sound

Everywhere is the light of the moon
Broken and quiet
Drowsiness overcome deeply conscious
Do not remember the sun's face
Calm Galaxy
Never know where to stream
Close my eyes and recite a poem

That Crows in the Wulai Mountain
No longer spread wings
Not because they are not black enough
Nor the wings under the sun shine are not strong enough
No longer can easily show off again that naturally wild
In the past
Flip the seeds, attached to the planting season
Fall on the back of cattle
Chase the insects that have been plucked by the plow
But now
Eat too full of those unnatural artificial food
Eventually, the walnut trees no longer bear the walnut
This unsustainable bleak autumn
How to reserve for the cold winter
Too much artificial food given the forgotten walnut
Buried in the back mountain last year
The opportunity to germinate and
Growing into a new walnut trees
When give up the country activities
Flew to the city foraging
The discarded fruit in the park
The residue in the rubbish
All into the mouth to become delicious food
Feathers rich
Never far from the nest
They are so contented
No longer fully spread the wings
No longer fly high


Dr. Tze Min Tsai (蔡澤民博士)was born in 1957 in Taiwan and is an associate professor at the Asian University of Taiwan. He owns two master degrees of applied mathematics and chemical engineering, and a Ph.D. of chemical engineering. Literary works include poems, novels and prose, published in the country's major poetry and literary magazines, and has been translated into several languages, and published in different countries. Important Literature Award: 2014, 23rd Changhua County Soxi Writers' Literature Award (Changhua County Cultural Bureau, Republic of China) 2015, the 38th China Times Literary Award (China Times, the Republic of China) 2015, Tong Hua Literature Prize (Hakka Affairs Committee, Republic of China) 2016 "Yunlin Culture and Arts" Literature Award (Yunlin County Cultural Bureau, the Republic of China)

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