Sunday, January 1, 2017




I bore the child that is a man today,
I can do everything he can do,
I am stronger that he is
I can withstand the worst!


A unique woman she is,
Albanian by birth,
but lived in the Indian soil.

Mother to the poor and destitute,
an angel in disguise to the sick and downtrodden,
with bear hands she helped the lepers,
cleaned and dressed their wounds.

She is so clam and fragile looking
but strong and focused in her daily chores.
She fed the abandoned ones on the streets,
gave them a home and educated them.

She saw no caste or creed,
or race or colour.
she just looked after them like her own.

She spoke in conferences
and spoke wisely trying to make the world
a better and safe haven to live in.

She always had a smile
and very soft spoken
even when she blessed you
you felt a softness around her.

Today she is a living saint
and well deserved to be called a saint
for when she was alive she was
"the living angel to the poor".

May her followers learn to be like her
and may each one of us learn to
love and serve one another like she did.


I write when I want and
I write when I am free.
I write when I am angry and
I write when I am happy.
I write for myself but
I write for nobody.

I write in English and
I write nice and clear
I write that maybe you would read
but I really don't care.

I write if I must and
I write with interest.
I write if I like the topic and
I write and will go on writing
for nobody can stop me here.;


I sit outside at night and gaze at the Moon and Stars
I wonder how will life have been if only you were here with me today.
It is as if you are here now and gone the next
what you must be doing; hope you are watching over me.
Yesterday we were together enjoy the night sky,
slow dancing the night away,
then I slept in your arms.
Today I sleep alone in my bed,
through the window -
staring at the same sky but you are not there.
I miss you it's been six years today -
I have braved the storms and came through,
I cried in the rain and showed no one my pain.
I missed you yesterday,
I miss you today and will always miss you
until we meet again - one day.


The alarm goes at 5 am
its time to rise and shine.
I wake up say my prayers,
shower and into the kitchen,
while the kettle is boiling,
sandwiches are being prepared,
lunch boxes are ready for kids and me.

Another alarm goes,
time to start leaving,
kids leave for school,
I lock up and leave,
drive for an hour and forty fives minutes
to the capital to work.

Work begins at 8 :30 until 6 pm,
long day, telephone rings
meetings going to begin,
I rush in an out of the office.
busy day at work.

Its 5:45 pm time to leave,
I pack my back and get ready for the drive back
reach home, kids are studying,
I change get into the kitchen
to cook for the night meal,
its 8 pm dinner is ready,
we pray have dinner and kids on bed by 9pm.

I wash up close kitchen
set things ready for early morning,
then say my prayers,
and off to bed by 11pm.
Lets call it a nice busy day!

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