Wednesday, February 1, 2017




What of this brightened Kiss
Merged to the recognition of
My amnesiac loneliness . . .
I’ll never forget
The empty space
Lingering from frozen embrace . . .!!!
Or when a stare pierced me like
Poisoned arrows ~
More curious though of the landscape
Beyond me, more so than the vision he
Perceived of my longing glare back to him,
What of the nature of you wanting
To know do I name the constellations
Or can stars match the sorrow from when
At times I fall out of sky?
Simple desire.
Pink colors I send and whisper
Towards your nonchalant heart,
Would you let me know when you
Feel my Soul’s tether to your
Velvet skin?
As I touch your unshaven face,
A thousand cells dance like electric sparks
Through my aroused fingertips ~ ~
Your DNA reads to me like Braille . . .
A smile starting around the corner
Of your shy trembling lips?
Well, my darling, that’s the birth
Of a brand new Universe!!!!
Copyright © Susan Joyner-Stumpf ®


My Topaz to you
My Zodiac-golden
Essence which follows
All scent that has dropped
Out of this world
Lay down the still bones
For love is a wager we
Sometimes lose
A heart-fall into the abyss
Dwindling down into
The fragrant mist.
All tumbled sea iridescence
Epitome of chocolate-sadness
All over again
We are each other’s
Unbirthed colors
Until the canvas-snowy etch
Is put to interval light
Spectrums though we are
Reflecting twisting muscle
In chalky brokenness
Until we come along and seal
The emptiness between locked spaces
Quasi-folds of dream resilience
Embrace so stung it scabs the senses
New awareness toward array of
Embryonic affection.

Genesis, omnipotent safari
Of open heart possibilities
Once we succumb to love’s
Tidal powers
It’s enough to know each
Life- altering movement
Has its own Afterlife.
Copyright © Susan Joyner-Stumpf ®


In theorem we are perfect Octaves
Blended in frequency
Where music sings its semitones and lust
Pitches of praise and sanguine sound waves
Integrals of meandering light
Our fused-electric sting
Vortex particles of dust
Explode . . . Transcend
Up and down the scales of my heart
You play the chords with fingers drawn
Placed so delicate upon my sonata fronds
A shy flower in your impish eyes
I bloom a thousand concerto lives
Dancing upon the on looking throngs
They watch us ascend and descend
And flit like feathers in a sonnet wind
This Soul-unison
Does it matter who’s the singer
Who’s the song
Notes play across the stars
Until they come home
To rest magically inside us
All that was once unwritten
Now belongs
To everyone ~ the universe
…oh the universe ….sings along

In perfect octave.

Copyright ©

SUSAN JOYNER-STUMPF was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana but now calls the Colorado Rockies her home.  She resides with her husband and a menagerie of animal children.  She has been writing since the age of seven, now a writing career that spans over forty years.  Susan writes not only Poetry, but Short Stories, Prose, Songs and has a novel in the Works called LOVE YOU TO PIECES, DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER.  As of this writing, Susan has published her 30th book and appears in over 12 International Anthologies.  She has won multiple awards.

As a writer Susan has always strived to touch another Soul with her words. Her passion is to write. Fame and fortune were never a thought. It was always about touching another life with her words. She has many projects in the works. Susan is also a Certified Graphics Artist and offers publishing services with her company WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS where she publishes authors and does their book covers.  Her other company, WILDFIRE PRODUCTIONS, creates 3-D Live Stream Videos for Author’s Book trailers or personal videos of whatever the customer wants. She runs a growing Poetry Page on Facebook called POTPOURRI POETS/ARTISTS WRITING COMMUNITY.  After the first of the New Year, Susan will have her own Blog Radio Show called RHYTHM AND MUSE INTERVIEWS.  She loves helping and encouraging other writers, and finds it very rewarding.


  1. MY GOODNESS Susan my sister and angel.. you are one busy lady and your poetry is flawless.. I LOVE YOUR POETRY...

  2. Thank you Deborah for all your wonderful support.

  3. You're an angel of words who spins them so beautifully that I'm always spell bound. Your peoms are like warm blanket that always give an unexplainable comfort.

    Dear poetess sister, no words can express the love and regard I've for you and your wonderful work.

    1. Navdeep you have blessed me with such wonderful feedback, that I thank you so many times it's still not enough to show my appreciation.

  4. Awesome composition that touches the heart. Beautifully penned.

  5. I am in awe Poet and Author Susan! You are certainly a gifted writer ! And now I know why you are always at the top of the charts! Your words are colorful, and they are sometimes abstract, pulling the reader in with a compelling mix that work magically together! Spellbinding writer ! I do admire that !!!! Barbara S.

    1. Thank you so much Barbara I appreciate you and the admiration is mutual my friend, you are tremendous and very well respected in Poetry Circles.