Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Bonnie Jennings

MY FIRST POEM OF 2017 1.1.2017

Oh, The Heavens
Delightfully The Heavens summon me
to dance with the light beams of The Moon
How mystically you sparkle stretching your arms
embracing the evening of our enchanting Rumba

You take my breath away using your brilliance
dancing we join the vibrating cosmos
The curtain begins to lower in The West
and holding hands we bow in reverence
Until later ~ We wave goodbye

And then, the curtain of The East arises
The Sun makes its entrance while birds sing
When by evening the lights lower
The Sun bows and bids adieu

And you ~ Mr. Moon will wane fore awhile
I will think fondly of the dance we had
Then, when you begin to wax, once again
I’ll awaken waiting to Rumba ~ untamed

Until then ~
The Sun, takes lead and grasps my hand


Damp leaves fallen everywhere
Silently he who stood in prayer
Somewhere ~ pondering, “elsewhere?
Could I have come from?” In despair,
He looks thinking, “is this a nightmare?”
Unrecognizing the odors and the auras
Alone, by the park bench now worn
Etched in wood were cursive initials
Swollen wet wood had but erased them
And there he stands, once debonaire
Only now merely a ghost caring an umbrella
The parallel alliance, the romantic bond
Passed into independent realms
Perhaps, time and measurements
Will lock into the same grid
But, until then, he just stands
Silently pondering the else-wheres.
Haunting the bench
Amidst fallen wet leaves
Stands a silhouette


Pour, into my cup, come in the slumbers of dawn

Cast away the ash and sackcloth, granted life

The pheonix landed to visit awhile

Tomorrow the bird takes flight

Bonnie Jennings


  1. Hi Beautiful Bonnie what beautiful poetry .. you never dissappoint me..

  2. Poetess Bonnie Jennings. Your poetry reflects amazing intelligence, and full of imagery that takes the reader to some other world. I am simply in Awe especially of "A Gentleman Silhouette" capturing the essence of a lost soul visiting,perhaps his youth. Brilliant Poetess! Barbara S.