Wednesday, February 1, 2017




Beautiful little one, powerful energy triangle of hidden magic, From tip to base, perfect manifestation of the divine symmetry, If we turn the summit into the land it becomes a gestation period of female life, Love, bold spark of joy in resurrecting the lost past. Sublime diva walking and seduces from the beginning of the fog until the day.
We met in an indestructible cast circle, There is no tomorrow, we are dissolved on a cosmic dimension and perennial, Idylls in our tongues sprout growing quietly so as not finished, perpetual melodies, We are a silver ring pierced by fire, impossible to separate.
We united in one angry power, Together we form the mystical hidden spiral, Preserving the secrets of the wise, knowing the birth, passion and death of all that exists, Only those who love transcends creation, Then more I live in you, love you more, there is a maze constantly reveal And all the charm invariably appears to understand.
Mutual attraction is similar to the morphology of the square, It spreads to the four corners of the earth, Although cyclones erased the traces of lovers, The stars, the tides and sand intertwined our spirits wherever they are.
© Fernando José Martínez Alderete, 2015, All Rights Reserved


Air wake up and be just a light wave, Gestated for curling black silk caress; Be strong breeze prophetic solstice, Drinking endless rivers of milk wanted.
Dryad of the apple, your hair is long veil And dye your black air of artifice, Stone redemptive sacrifice, Be your ancestral tide I prefer.
Ellipse as a hair of your head Around you I’m turning, simple sphere. You give me your skin conviction, divine sentinel! I am a prisoner of your aura without sadness.
Being an insolent air wave is a joy, In the garden of shadows is my rest.
© Fernando José Martínez Alderete, 2015, All Rights Reserved.


Discover me in your mystery, the cautious question Because my arms frighten of your passions And with great pleasure, be your inner beauty... Sleepless pats for you food.
I'm lost in the luminous vertex of your back, Between the mystical labyrinth pelvic restless, silent. Enough of so many words!  Naked me, Stunning me and drown me in your thoughts.
Allows caresses and sail ships are coral reefs, Leaves overflowing ecstasy as powerful hurricane, Lightning went between the sheets, Illuminating the room with the reflection of the moon.
You became adjacent to my hopes, to the touch of your hands. You enliven my innermost senses, That tempting diluted smile Causing strange sensations.
Clouds shout outrageous, rains are coming, Water pouring, returning to its banks and spilling again To release the crystalline laughter daisies.

2015, All Rights Reserved.

FERNANDO JOSÉ MARTÍNEZ ALDERETE. Writer, poet, theater actor. Born in Leon Guanajuato Mexico on April 21, 1977, Fernando studied the degree in communication within the Latin American University Leon. He has written poetry from 14 years of age and published several of his writings in the most important newspapers in his hometown, cultural magazines California, Leon, Guanajuato capital and Zacatecas, USA. He is currently involved as administrator of various literary groups, publishing his poems in social networks, participating in various anthologies published in Black Island, Chile and stories in Madrid Spain with poets of America and Europe, He has also recited their texts in radio programs in Montevideo, Chicago, Barcelona and Buenos Aires

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