Saturday, May 1, 2021





My Language Of Peace


May language always be interwoven for freedom of speech

I need to create things without sudden promises

I am an ordinary man of flesh and blood made of finesse

Eh, that character is me, according to that always somehow bass

I give a voice to those who value goodness, never hate

Because such a world does not deserve good people

Who love what they do!


I am a person who advocates for decree and the right to life

That person who appreciates in others the little things ordinary

From ancient times, although I may have fallen behind

I believe that everyone deserves the right to choose everything

And I think that everything that is happening today is for a reason


Freedom is my choice in the soul woven indeed

I choose to be ordinary in the service of the people and goodness

I nurture old traditions and value female intuition

Which never betrayed is not, although I may be old

For love, I embrace all people of good will from the heart

And I want to say that my language is complete freedom, sincere

Because what's it worth if I'm not a happy man?


At least to be mentioned in some book of life

I would not complain, because my poems are specific

A little weird

But separate run their policy!




Premiere Of Love


I'm telling you for the first time that I'm special to you

And that everything I dream of is actually my life, you

I wouldn't know day and night if it weren't for you

Because somehow you fill me in the bottom of your soul with your aura

Although sometimes we can't stand it and we argue constantly

I still live for the dream of embracing you skillfully with my hands

And I never let out of my bosom made up of heat

My heroic and heavy hands will welcome you ready

For a call and help when it is most needed


One smile is needed to turn my life around

For an entire pedal, just that is enough for me

To have you and to live as long as I live

And I have experienced the most since that joke day

When I have you tied to me

The culmination of marriage and permanence with the generation

Which will sail in our footsteps

One step ahead


My goal is to fall in love with you forever

To embrace all the ways of the world and fly over the fields of wheat

I would only be happy, and I don't need anything in return

For all that is beautiful is dear to the heart

I have what others don’t have, a good word

What an iron door a new one opens

For better occasions than your gloomy past


My choice of all people is just you

I would not imagine living without my hope

I would ride those roller coaster wonders

Because love is prime on a pedestal

Just for you: "Love knocks on the door of 403 rooms!"

She’s not wrong, she’s just realistic in my dreams

And a smile is just needed

For happiness that lasts forever!




Successful Life


I choose a new beginning for a new end

An end that symbolizes great success in the end

The security that the Moon gives me with its joy

And I don't want to be afraid of death anymore!


My existence is justified in all the songs

Although I don't like to describe myself much in written effects

I end my threads with destiny every day

In an effort to convey the best emotions

Towards a wide audience


My time can still shine in the sky forever

As strange and morally ill as it is, I drive away spite

In the sign of pride and the smile of eternity

Through the passage of the Portal of Insanity


I am not afraid of life, only of my deeds

I made people happy with my written trace

Which opened a new door thanks to a hobby

That’s why I like to tell myself at the end of the day

To lead a very successful life


I didn’t let people down when it was necessary

Although I met villains who wanted a drop in the eye

I only wished them happiness and joy

For he who hates is not really a man

Nor can it ever be considered as such


I put the successful life assortment on the table

I believe that one day karma does its thing

and that people will eventually repent for everything

And I will continue to welcome them generously

Without any hatred; it is humanity sincere!




MAID CORBIC, born in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina). He is 21 years old and in his free time he writes poetry that has been praised and awarded many times. Numerous works have been published in anthologies and magazines (Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India), as well as printed copies of the anthology of the songs "Sea in the Palm of Your Hand", "Stories of Isolation" and "Kosovo Peonies". He is also a representative of the Terrandaz International Festival in Bangladesh, as well as the winner in Russia of the competition Sergei A. Yesenin. Initiator of the "Written Pen" competition, which had 107 competitors of international character.

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