Saturday, May 1, 2021







Freedom is usually celebrated

In this month of warmth and remembrance


It is customary to hear the lashed voices

Caught in the waves of angry breezes


The cry is usually sung

And with the whip anthem

The mountains of poverty



With the arms of poetry

Scream every humanity

That withers the flowers of the islands



Brave arms are usually applauded

That let the flag dance in the sky



The emergence of being free chewed

Fear intoxicated by tears.

Sweats swelled the icy hope


It is often said that in the end

At the end

The heart sprouts the smile of a free country



In the lap of volcanoes

Discouraged find

The color of courage

That transposes the revolt


Iron and harmonica rebelled

Against authority



Too human to understand

Thorn in the feet

Ripped hunger eyes


Today July 5, 1975

Usually celebrates

The independence of a country

That the wind rests

The secret of the free islands

In the glow of the sea



Life Is A War


Hurry swallows’ novels

Dreams chewed by history

From a dry an anxious womb


Someone broke the vase

Before the roses wither

The liquid from the orbits

Feed the love


Life is a war

Infantile insomnia

Hit me in the soul

From the fingers he learns

Wet land words

Words of comfort

Acceptance words

Words that embrace

Pushing words

Words that don't cry

Bankrupt words

Words of crumbs


Life is a war

We are in a field

Of mined words


Music explodes

Rips out hope

Break the eyes


Mom mom mom

Life is a war

But I am the victory

I am triumph

I am the mother on the battlefield

I'm the mother in the boxing ring


Life is a war

Roses bleed us in words

The shotguns of chocolates

Lasagna wrapped in my ego


Life is a war

The leaves remain green

Greens of withered hope

Green without a red smell.


I'm at war with life

Experiences with broken hands

Grab my shoulders


Refuse, refuse and refuse

Believing that love hurts you


I refuse, I refuse to believe

In everything that doesn't make me smile


Life is a war

Of emotions, of fear

To stop loving


Life is a war

And I am the Glory

Daughter of Vitória.




You Are


You are what I invent

You're the night in my cold hands

You are time in my eyes

You are the day when I miss you

You are calm and I am fear

You are the dictation and I am the mistake

You are the laugh and I am the laughter

You are afternoon and I'm the waiting

You are the memory dressed in gray

And I am the covered body of the past

I am the cry of waiting and you are

The silent smile

I am the delusion of the future and

you are tomorrow dead

I am the dawn and you are the late

It's you and me without us ever



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