Saturday, May 1, 2021





When Love Is Around


The days are falling. One by one

With every rising.. And setting sun

the trees are lonely.. With longing bound

When, a gorgeous painting in white. Covering the ground...


With love. Time stops still

Every moment becomes a forever

Hooked on the rays of light, Till

Feet, draw rainbow, pouring colors...


When, we become the ink and the poem

Exploring of the world, beauty and wonders

Being the violin,.. And the song

Healing of the  beloved, blues and thunders..


It is you and me.. The world for me

That explodes rivers in  deserts

A very special melody of a soul.. Free

A timeless fairy tale, with joy and.. hurt




Birds Of The Night


A simple word, a glance... A look

A door is open

A smile A slop you took

A poem is written

On the wall of your heart

To read, to enchant

To accelerate your beats

A song, you both sing

In a rhythmic art

In a stream of love

In a dream of delight....


A canvas is formed

With colors and scents

A magic carpet flew

Lovers on flickering lights...


How many nights we danced

On that floor of stars

How many wild flowers

unfolded, shiny bright

Entertained, with the offer

Of  the Magic that grows inside

The night birds keep flying

Silent between the clouds

A song, muted hidden

 To the dream of love, abound…




Stream Of Words


How come, I can't hide from you

Words explode in a stream

Running freely, no mask to hide

No clothes, to cover my bare dreams...


In a book, I. leave my soul grows

A fairy of truth fluttering

In fragrant words, wrapped

A wild bird magically, flying

Between clouds, then disrobed..


Clothed left aside, watching

This wonderful journey of words, and thoughts

Of flooding dreams

That explode in streams....




HANA SHISHINY: Lebanese, Egyptian by marriage, living in Cairo, poet writer and translator. Having poems in many anthologies. Preparing her first poetry book to publish... Had Interior Design Engineering from ElbAs Lebanese University. Had art studies in American University In Beirut. As a painter had many exhibitions in both Beirut & Cairo. Interior designer and decorator. Had her own furniture & artworks gallery in Egypt. She stopped working a few years ago and dedicated her full time to Poetry.


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