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An Ancient  Legend Tells ...


Her dark face

Lined by deep wrinkles

Lit up with a wide smile


She stayed looking at her fields

in a floating gaze.

Her eyes shut,

She was silent for a long moment

Then said

" I shall tell you the story of my ancestors

Of my people dispersed

in the mountains, in the  forest

Of those who went far, far away

and never returned "


Memory is the unwritten history of life

Without memory, people slowly die

It colours the path between

Shadow and light.


She was listening to the harmony of dusk

These were the moments

of profound communion with ancestors

Unfolding the mystery of ancestral wisdom


She was in her unending search

For the land of freedom.

Rajashree Mohapatra

Bhubaneswar,  India .





Silence descended

Serenity surrounded

Contentment arose

When he gave a hug to her weeping soul

and kissed her upwelling tears.


She was lost ...

A snow flake disappeared in pure air ...

Now hearts started flowering

A great ecstasy, an utter joy.

They sailed again through an eroded bed ...


Life is not a smooth sailing

But the small things give a beautiful meaning

Everything becomes a glory up to itself again.

Rajashree Mohapatra.

Bhubaneswar, India




In Silence...


Love began to shower gently

I felt the heaven blessing me


Your smile was most promising

My eyes sank before thee.


My lashes dropped with setting sun

The streams babbled with the sweetest hope


In mystery of darkness ...

Hundreds of lotuses silently bloomed

The fragrance filled my begging bowl


Your glittering face

made me an enchantress angel

You were that emperor

Who celebrated the moments.


The night was cool with its darkness

Infinite music celebrated the silence.


Now nothing more is needed

The whole opened up to rejoice.


The purity of innocence has it's own freedom

It sings happily divine songs

CopyrightRajashree Mohapatra.

Bhubaneswar India




RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA is a teacher by profession and poetry ,painting and journalism are  her  passions .She is a bilingual poet . Her Odia and English poems are translated into many national and international languages and are published in prestigious  anthologies  , international   ezines and Journals.

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