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I reminisce about my past as I molded myself into a self-made one.

Rolled over life, trying to get a chance to reach beyond

Into the high clouds and look over the wonders of the earth.

How I wished myself to touch the edge of the universe

Pains, obstacles, miseries gave me the wings to fly so high.

Soaring over with the stars, the moon at the brightest sky

Full of dreams, full of hopes waiting to land and shine

Fulfillment of a woman's great desire would all be mine.

At the drop of a hat, the best places belonged to my patch.

Driven on my awareness of my shocking excitement as such

Overwhelmed to dispel those clouds that gave me a doubt

In a thousand of wonderment, I thank my braveness aloud.

Yet it was not my feet bringing me over this promising land.

I was put in here to shine over minds dimmed and damn.

The wisdom so clear is a gift to conquer your wicked thoughts.

Be broad, be light, I will bring you to my venture across.

What a good experience needed to be shared with my generation

I wrote every inch of my long journey not to be oblivion.

A great possession I'll leave to you that you could be grateful.

A reminiscence to pass in you, live with it, and glitter so full.





Projecting our Dreams is such a kind of Positivity...

never allow anyone to control the Strength

And Capacity of our Wings...

Don't let our Journey be Hindered.

by the dimmed Shadow of our Past

Our bright Tomorrow awaits us.

as we ready our Wings to flock

Soar high like Eagles, be Colorful

Like Butterflies...Yet, be Humble

Because we are all Passers-by.

We do not know what would

Happen in just a Wink of an Eye

sprinkle Love and spread Peace

Let's Begin it only by Ourselves

let us Embrace the Flow of our Lives'

intricate Puzzle & difficult Situation

we'll Realize we are not just about

Words but humbly doing an Action

(c) Helen Sarita



When The Right Time Will Be?


My pen cries to utter what my heart silently murmurs.

Would it cover what my thoughts wished to speak for?

Would there be an ending to this abyss of distress

that somehow would change to unity and happiness?

Would be the writer's inks have enough power

to transform the dusk into love and light vastness?

Nothing impossible...that's the believers are standing for

Would the little ink left in our pens show its own essence?

Would be the calling of our passion be also a part of uniting nations?

Can we speak out not to bash but access to peace?

Why can't we pray for every race, culture, and belief?

That we aren't here to fight and towards each principle, we do have respect

That whenever we talk softly and not harshly, we can mellow down hatreds

That it is futile to use our fingers to point out others faults or mistakes

Why are we so inclined to side with whom we stand for?

It's time to look for the lives of our brethren and not to feed

our hunger for power as we dwell on earth just temporarily

That whether we like it or not, we will leave this place

bringing nothing and handling empty

Why we cant, understand that we might be right

and we might also be wrong?

There are no sides from our sights

which are completely bright and gloom

There'll always be a way to find our equilibrium.

Why we can't go out and be

an instrument for unity and oneness?

For us to fight this apocalypse, we are

facing at the moment, and we'll continue

to be meeting if we won't ask for Wisdom and deep Faith

My heart is a yearning in ardent, how about you?

I firmly believe we can have our share

whatever our status in life, we may be rich or poor

As those people who are blind now

can be a temple of love in the future

If we won't start it now,

then when the right time is?

Love and sacrifice for once, the world is needing us.

Show your talents not only in a contest

but in a context of unselfishness

Let us be a source of love in the form of

Art our one God has bestowed upon us.

(c)Helen Sarita




HELEN SARITA is from the Philippines. She is a mother of five well-raised children and a grandmother of six kiddos. Her interest and love in Literature and Writing made her enrolled herself in an Online Study on Journalism at Atlantic International University (AIU), an Online School based in Honolulu, Hawaii. She had already published two poetry books in Lulu, entitled "It's About Time" and "Language of Love" She was four times Gold Awardee in the Love Poetry Group competition on Facebook. She is also in several Anthology books published in the USA and India. She was once a contributor in the poetry section in the Filipino Expats Magazine and Kabayan Weekly Newspaper in Dubai, UAE. Sarita is also an Entrepreneur; she is the Owner and the General Manager of M. E. At Your Service Supplies OPC, and she currently ventures into Magazine Publishing Business named BLOSSOMS Journal.


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