Saturday, May 1, 2021







Deafening sounds surround us

Strong winds, painful…

Anger overcomes our flesh

Eternal the cycle of life

We are immersed in absolute darkness

We cannot catch up

The endless journey

And the last hymn accompanies us

Salvation in a Godless homeland is unbearable…





I will make one last effort

to write a poem

I want to talk about life, about pirates, about robbers

For legal or illegal benefactors

who stand out for their noble life

But it is impossible

Hands do not help


in an unspeakable torturous


The thought freezes and the inspiration leads to an extreme walk

while the eyes seek a ray of salvation

or forced flight…



You swear eternal submission at the time when souls

 get sick

Too bad to live and ignore

without finding the power of forgiveness…



My Beloved


You're gone. Just like that.

Imperious ...

I will remember you

Filled the book of your life…

Be careful in your new journey

The ladder you will climb is without traps, free

If you get cold, dress your nature,

your soul

The one that  raised you

honored you ...

Remember ...

To sculpt your form

We will talk to you with notes and colors

and you can send us violins and angels ...

We meet again in the Celestial City ...




Dr. SOFIA SKLEIDA: She was born in Athens. She studied Filology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens where she obtained her BA,MA in Pedagogy,  Ph.D in Comparative Pedagogy and a postdoctoral research certificate . She also obtained a certification in the Braille language. Today she works as a teacher in the secondary education. She took part in conferences and published articles in the Greek and international scientific journals, in conference papers and chapters books. She was awarded for her participation in poetry and literary contests in Greece and abroad. Her poems have been translated into Italian, English, Spanish, Albanian and Romanian. Her first poetic collection entitled Dream of Oasis (Thessaloniki, 2014), was translated and published in Italy in 2017 (won the second prize in an international competition in Milan). Her first Fairy tale entitled Geometrini was published in 2016 , her second with the title  The Kingdom of Joy in 2018. Some of her published works are the following: Neologisms, Melismos , Ιn the Mediterranean, Poetic Reflections, Cappadocian theological references in handwritten verses, The teaching of classical languages in the Italian secondary education ,Poetic visions in Paintings, Didactic Trilogy: Body-Spirit-Soul, Educational Proposals. She is a regular member at the Panhellenic Union of Writers.

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