Saturday, May 1, 2021





Women's Tear


I didn't see you cry

It may be that in those days, I was smiling, immersed in some victory.


I didn't see you run away to the room and hide from sadness


Maybe in the memory of life, I still didn't even know I was going to find you.


I didn't know about your lonely moments


There were too many people by my side and I didn't know that I needed to pick you up.

I was sad when you told me of your broken dreams


I really didn't think anyone could do that to a woman.


I was not on the day the girl cried and felt the uncertainties of life


I wanted to know where I was that day to make time go back. To look at your face


comfort you and truly love you like no man has ever loved you ...


In those days when you were hopeless

and everything seemed to fall apart, I really wanted to be with you.


I was going to be quiet and you would certainly feel that my presence was enough to calm you down

show you a direction.


Forgetting me, I found this sad and hidden tear falling on your face


I let the tear fall, I swore it would be the last.


That you will only cry for joy from now on.


I took you in my arms and the night brought the moon and the wind.


The night enveloped us in mysteries, love and poetry!


(poem dedicated to Jéssica Ramos)




Drawings In The Rain



And the once clear sky curves

The eyes no longer remember joy

The soul remains the fantasy

What was shine, dirty leaf

There was pain, there was a time

Everything moves, it's slow

Storm, prayer

Passionate sailing

I feel, I try

A pardon








My music was born on the day


I gave my first kiss


And I curled up in the curves, the folds


And a thousand winds blew


And I found myself naked


The half-naked king


The law is naked ...


I shut up before your eyes


And in them, I saw the horizon at last


From muses, music was born in me when I gave the first kiss: In the body of a guitar!




Aldo Moraes is a brazilian poetry, journalist and musician. Moraes was diretor geral of culture on Londrina, interior of Brazil. Moraes wrote 7 books and recorded 4 CDs.




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