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The Light…


Light, I'm always looking for you in me

I've been looking for you since I was born

In the spring of my birth

May 12, holy symbol

Let me not forget the 12 Apostles

Chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ.


I'm looking for you in the poems of geniuses

I'm looking for you in the stars

In the daytime among the leaden clouds.

On moonlit and shining nights.

On the way to my parents' house.


Light, I'm looking for you

In the morning dew and flowers

I'm looking for you in bird songs

In the murmur of hurried springs

I'm looking for you in the sun

On moonlit nights


I'm looking for you on the German lands

From the places of my childhood

I'm looking for you in the babbling of babies

Fewer and fewer are born ...!


I look for you in the Psalms and the sacred paintings

I often look for you in the poem "Luceafărul!"

Of the great genius Mihai Eminescu

Love for Catalina, the pure girl

Like a Mother, Holy Virgin Mary.



On A Green Velvet Leaf


You came out of the sea breeze smiling

Blushing you sat down on a green leaf

Velvet floating on the waves

You sighed not understanding why ...

You watched the seagulls fly in a hurry

You fell asleep listening to their cries.


I was stuck with my feet in the sand

I watched for a long time until nightfall

From moonlight to a star in the Milky Way

I saw Andromeda up close

He didn't dare wake you

You slept like a baby in a cradle

You were so tired of the long road

The wings of the wind caressed your cheeks.


The beautiful prophetess Miriam was watching you:

- Don't worry when you wake up ...

Look at the horizon…

The sun will come to give you a ray

To continue the natural course of your life

Have more confidence in yourself

Dare to do wonderful things

Love people as they are!



To Fly To You...


You remained like a petrified muse

Splendid as the eyes of the sea and the night

I want to see a wave in my the eyelashes

Silent, disappointed, cold and unmoved.

You want to roll the bitter past

Keep it away from asp and basil

If he turned into polished slabs

In the relentless oppressive thoughts

- Veronico, ... unquenchable love!

Write with furrowed eyelashes

on Sirius' palm.

- Come over! You like to upset me...

Dark memories jumped over me

in a hurry that was given to me ...!

Put ephemeral wings on me

Let me fly to you…

Take my feet off the off the earth

I miss you so much,

I want to fly frantically to you

You to put a boreal crown on my head...

You can...! Don't let me perish in the abyss

To lose the love I started for you;

I folded it in the heart of departure ...

With you ... far away ... in an era of ours

on which to write: “Mihai Eminescu

and Veronica Micle! ” –




DANIELA MARIAN - born on May 12, 1963 in the town of Roznov NT-Romania, country; University graduate and specialization courses in Iasi and Bucharest; Publications: -”Anthology of Literature and Contemporary Art”, Literary Cenacle - Artistic “Take and Write” Iasi, 2018 – Chronicle of Meetings 2017-2018, ISBN: 978-606-480112-8, StudIs Publishing House;- In the Magazine ̋Cultural Harmonies ̋, ISBN: 2247-1545. Adjud, Vrancea, Edition: May 8, 2019;- Debut: Vol."Smile of light", Stef Publishing House, Iasi - 2019, ISBN: - 978-606-028-2754;- Award: Diploma of Excellence for the promotion of Romanian Culture and Spirit in the Centennial Year in the Living Flame of Our Great Union (1918-2018) Iasi, Romania


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