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The Rainbow Woman


I love you!

   - You can't love me,

I am the rainbow woman,

born of the rain of your eyes,

I'm a chimera,

you can't love the thought,

you can't love

every tear that gives birth to me,

I don't want to condemn you to non-living,

maybe someday,

I will be born

from your smile

then you will be able to love me.

   - If you're the Rainbow Woman,

I will love you like the wind ...

   - Like the wind?

I've never been loved like that...

How is this love like?

   - I'm going to be a hurricane,

to disturb the colors of your soul

to give you

what you always dreamed of

but you have never had

the courage to live

beyond a tear,

an impossible love.

"Can you give me something like that?"

   - You're a color,

I am the painter who mixes you up

to get the perfect.

   - Does the perfect exist?

   - In life, no, in art yes,

you carry within you all the beauty of the universe,

virgin colors,

untouched by the eyes of mortals,

I love you, Rainbow Woman!

   - How do you love me?

   - I'm an island,

you are the sea

the sand inside me longs

after the kiss of your waves,

flood me every second.

   - Wow, I'm the sea of your thoughts!

   - If I could

tattoo you with the thought,

you would be full of me

every pore would wear

the signature of my kiss.

   - Is that all  I am for you?

   - You're my hourglass,

my time flows through your palms,

every second he wears

your name.

   - Excuse me, what were you saying?

I was in dialogue with life!

   - With life? Tell it to wait,

now talk to me!

   - I want you to know something about me,

I don't like the air with the portion!

"Then I'll buy  for you

all the air in the world.

   - I love you, look into my arms!

   - look into your arms???

For how long?

   - for a second...

   - Only one second?

"I'll never count it,"

so that  it lasts an eternity.

Can I want you

   - Don't ask me, I'll say "no" ...

just do it ...

even if I'll never be your bride,

dress me in the white dress of your poetry.




The Woman With The Wax Face


I fell in love

with a woman with a wax face.

Every time I was kissing her,

she melted on my lips.

I had to  draw her again,every time

always more beautiful,

always more woman.

Yes, more woman. 

She was reproaching me for kissing her with fire.

How not  melting, while loving ?

she told me laughing.

When I was painting her, she was pretentious,

she  was asking for more sensual lips,

for eyes always of a different color,

her hair, her hair was a rainbow.

How could I not love her

She was a different woman every day,

maybe that's why

even today we love each other so much.


In this love

only I remained the same

because I am the painter of words,

only I can draw her,

only I feel her the way she feels,

only I have the colors of her soul.


She is so beautiful,

that one day I didn't kiss her.

I didn't want her to melt,

I saw her perfect,


I found her crying.

  - Why are you crying? I asked her.

  - You didn't kiss me today,

don't you like me anymore?

  - I love you, you know that ...

  - Then kiss me!

  - But you will melt!

You will flow on my lips again!

   - So what! I always do that,

because the touch of your fingers

is like poetry,

and I always want to be touched.

You drew me in a thousand colors,

I was a thousand women,

who else has such a luck?

I kissed her.

She melted on my lips,

but I've never drawn her again ...




Me And My Loneliness


it is me and my loneliness

where else can I hide from myself?

so that no one can see

how my tears flood my soul,

empty of any feeling,

to whom shall I complain

that today it hurts me more than yesterday,

that I am only the sum of my feelings I didn't feel,

every moment of loneliness,

snatches from me pieces of bitter smiles,

hidden in my dull existence,

that I'm afraid to wake up,

so as not to bother me

that my pain could become an epidemic,

to make time sick because of me.

it's me and what's left

from a few dreams,

too old to run away from me,

what to dream of nothing, of dullness, of emptiness,

I can’t pretend every morning

that I'm happy

but my lackluster hopeless eyes betray


they no longer know what caressing a ray of sunshine means,

my eyes that no longer looked

the beloved face,

my eyes that cry at night,

looking for a hug

and who find the void around me,

I just hug a few thoughts

since I believed

that I was loved.

my lips cracked by so much crying,

betray me

The unspoken words,

or the ocean of tears in the palm of my hand, betray me

the desire to be kissed,

or the thirst for comfort, betray me,

the fire in my womb

that wants to be touched, loved, betrays me,

my future betrays me

I want to be someone's wife,

I want to cry for happiness,

I just want to live, it is me and my loneliness,

we travel arm in arm,

at least I am accompanied by someone,

so that my life or the hunters

of nights of love do not whistle me,

goodbye, happiness!




MIHAIL COANDĂ:  He made his debut on November 26, 1999, in the local daily Gorjeanul, with the poem Ninge. Literary debut in an anthology, comes in 2016 in LYRIC SYMBIOSIS - Poetry anthology, vol 17, ANAMAROL publishing house     - GUILTY I LOVE YOU! - is the debut volume and appears at ANAMAROL Publishing House, in October 2016, the launch takes place in Bucharest and Motru-Romania. Between 2014 and 2021 he wrote and edited the following volumes:     - TRAVELER TO YOU - poetry, ANAMAROL Publishing House -2017     - RETURN MY FUTURE - poetry; ANAMAROL Publishing House - 2017     - IMPERFECT - poetry; PIM IAȘI Publishing House; 2019     - CHESS WITH THE SNOW GIRL -poetry; PIM IAȘI Publishing House; 2020    - THE SHELF WITH DREAMS - poetry; PIM IAȘI Publishing House; 2020     - INGENUA - poetry; PIM IAȘI Publishing House; 2020     - ONLY A CRAZY STILL BELIEVES IN DREAMS - poetry, PIM IAȘI Publishing House, 2021- BLOODED KISS - novel; PIM IAȘI; 2020. He has published in the following anthologies:    - LYRIC SYMBOSIS - Anthology of poetry, vol XVII; ANAMAROL Publishing House; 2016     - CARMEN - Lyric Anthology vol IV, ANAMAROL Publishing House; 2017     - CARMEN - Lyric Anthology VOL XXVI, ANAMAROL Publishing House, 2018      POETIC ANTHOLOGY - SCHENK POETIC CENACLE, Dionysos Publishing House; 2018     - LYRIC ANTHOLOGY - CARMEN, VOL XXVI; ANAMAROL Publishing House; 2018     - Anthology COLUMN OF ETERNAL LOVES, PROSCOALA RÂMNICU VÂLCEA Publishing House; 2018     - Dance Anthology WITH NICHITA- APOLLON Cultural Society; Vol 6, Rocart publishing house; 2020     - Anthology CAROUSEL WITH METAPHORS - INSPIRESCU Publishing House, 2021Awards    -“HORIA VINTILĂ” Prize for prose, at the Festival-Contest of literary creation (poetry and prose), organized by the CULTURAL SOCIETY APOLLLON-ROMANIA, 8th edition; 2020    -2nd prize obtained at the international poetry contest "SANVALENTINO 2021", organized by the Cultural Society "AREA CULTURA" ITALY    -1st prize as the poet of the year 2020, on Radio Romantic, following the votes of listeners and readers    -The Excellence Award for the novel BLOOD KISS, offered by Radio Romantic; 2020

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