Saturday, May 1, 2021






Peace Day Has Arrived


Peace Day has arrived after hundreds of years of conflicts,

Punishments ended and forgiveness replaced all,

Smiles instead of tears that ceased to fall,

No more prisons or condemned, no more victims,

Free people, everywhere, on a free planet.

Enjoying abundance, and bounded by feelings of fraternal love,

Everyone has his home and worries no more,

Peace reached all the hearts, in cosmic proportions,

Menaces of all kinds disappeared, replaced by safety and joy,

In all fields of human activity, healing dimensions emerged.

The words crisis, war, violence - are deleted forever,

No dictionaries contains any reminders of them.

The Planet is in harmony with all living beings,

It is happy and it greets the epoch of creativity,

Wonderful things are invented and done.

The practical is joined peacefully to beauty.

Serving the common good and intentions

Emotions are meeting this historical moment

Through cooperation and goodwill at all levels with

Eternal commitment and global agreement.

Mankind achieved a glorious fulfilment

And there is Peace, Peace for all,

Peace forever!



The Wanderer From The World's Street                                                                            


One day, a ghostly creature emerged on a crowded street of the World,                                                it was bright but frail, worthy of weeping and pitying,                                                                       with small steps, as strange as it was,                                                                                                   broken by the “natural” expectations of the society,                                                                                 she passed unnoticed by the "blind" who groped in the thick darkness,                                           sweet and disgusting of the programmed life,                                                                                  with its survival mechanisms activated by the ancestral saying                                                        "That's the way it should be"                                                                                                                 it was as if it was slipping past strangers who knew they could not see                                              but this way was ”better” for them                                                                                             because is painful to see the Truth, to feel it is unpleasant,                                                               too tight coffin for the little "self",                                                                                                       in which all lies rot, arousing an unbearable stench,                                                                                 and yet is the supreme Blessing,                                                                                                         the first gift you receive in Light...



May Peace Prevail On Earth


Marvelous the way of peace,

Always our faith increase,

Young and old, enjoy the bliss!


Peoples from all races and religions,

Ending with struggles, and misunderstandings,

Aspiring to the future of the Light and Rainbow,

Closing the door to the wars in the history,

Elevating Peace-this is our vision!


Parents and children, may they sing loud,

Ready to live new times of infinite love and joy,

Earth soon will be pacified, I hear the divine sounds,

Voices joining to pray, from all the corners, in all the languages,

Abundance of positive vibrations, and healing energies,

Ideal accomplished, how great is the pride,

Light of harmony, is over all the mankind!


One day, tomorrow, the dream become true,

No violence, no division, but Peace and brotherhood!


Entirely devoted to the message,

All together spread it in the world,

Resplendent in its each wise word,

Teaching the universal lesson,


H eal, build, unify-and dont destroy!



ION-MARIUS TATOMIR (Romania) Poetic debut in Phoenix New Life Poetry (Cornwall, UK), where he had poems published from 2004 to 2008.  From 2005 to the present, periodically published in Metverse Muse, international poetry anthology (Visakhapatnam, India). In 2006 his volume of poetry Stars and Flowers was published as e-book by L&R Hartley Publishers, (Murwillumbah, Australia). In 2010 he was included in A Dictionary of Contemporary Internationa. Poets (Chongqing, China). He was included in the Anthology of  the Romanian Contemporary Writers Worldwide Starpress 2013 (bilingual romanian-german edition) (Romania). Published in France in the following poetry anthologies: Terre en poesie (2007), Paix et Fraternite en poesie (2009), Sourire et Amitie en poesie (2013), Tendresse en poesie (2014), Nuit et jour en poesie (2015), Amour en poesie (2016).


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