Saturday, May 1, 2021







Silence in me

strikes in lightnings

of the sky too gray

and destroys my accumulated fear

in the years of non-belonging.

Silence in you

does not know my fears

and gets lost in words of

unknown people

whose hands cannot

touch the softness

of our hearts.

Don't let me stay silent

because my love is

louder than your smile.

The loudest one.






I want to search

Behind the music of life

Seek the whole side of the heart

Because life is live with a song

Joyful heart

And a desire in the eye of the search.

And every shadow of the hunter kills

While the tears of the morning are falling down

Blue painted blue.

But I want to search

Behind the music of the sky

Among these earth flowers.

Seek an eternal song

And sing life.





You who have never

crossed the boundaries of dream

teach me to shout

from mountain tops

at the end of the day,

teach me to open my hands

clenched in fists

and do not be gentle

like those

who give kisses to everyone,

without tenderness.

Do not be false,

latent and arrogant,

be yourself all the way,

be the one

who does not leave his heart

in himself

but gives it to beat

in someone else's chest.

And only then

will I let you

into the caves of my loneliness,

wilderness and silence,

too silent.

I will allow you

to cross the boundaries

of all limitations

and enter my heart of infinity.




JASNA GUGIĆ was born on February 20, 1966. in Vinkovci, Croatia. She’s a poetess, painter, publishing her poems in a joint collection of poems and anthologies. Currently, she’s preparing publication of her new collection of poems. Lives and works in Zagreb. Jasna Gugić is the Vice President for public relations of ASSOCIATION OF ARTISTS AND WRITERS OF THE WORLD- SAPS and a Coordinator for cooperation with international literary groups on Facebook and Internet.



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