Saturday, May 1, 2021





Artistic Creation


An artistic creation

Brought lovingly to life

With thoughtfully selected colours

Mixed carefully with flare

Time and passion combined

Taking time, taking care

A beautiful piece of art

Transferred from mind to paper

An artistic delight

A creative shaper.

Donna McCabe ©



Breaking Free


Wanting to break free

Stand out from the crowd

Be what I was meant to be

My own unique me

Having some colour, shape and form

Not falling into the grey shady norm

Of what society dictates and expects

Wanting to feel a sense of liberation

Creative muscles being able to flex.

Donna McCabe ©



Drunk On Love


Punch drunk on your love

Intoxicated by your charms

Heady with sensations

When held in your arms

I crave you when I can't have you

You're like a fine wine

I have an addiction to

You keep me coming back for more

Just to get another sip of you...

Donna McCabe ©



Gambling Hearts


When two hearts take a gamble

Putting the stakes at a high price

Betting on the turn of a card

Hoping it will turn out nice

Not seeing the pitfalls and hard knocks ahead

Just living for the day

Emotions that run in the head

The romance and emotions

Gambling on raw emotions and lust

Hoping it will turn out alright

Having a full house

Not going bust...

Donna McCabe ©



Just Being


A time to sit back

Stop pushing ahead

Taking time out

To reflect instead

To let life unfold day by day

Let come naturally

What passes your way

Giving thanks to the little things

That matter the most.

Donna McCabe ©



Mooning Over You..


I still love you

To the moon and back

I miss you everyday

You left this heart all empty

When you up'd and went away

My world is now so lonely

It's just me here on my own

Feeling all out of orbit

Unloved and all alone..

Donna McCabe ©




DONNA MCCABE is an established poet with over 20 years’ experience whos vast variety of work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magazines and anthologies aswell as being a highly respected admin in multiple social media groups, her most recent works of merit would include The Writers and Readers' Magazine, Our Poetry Archive, Raven Cage Zine and featuring in a book published by Poetry Planet called Words in Motion. Donna's intricate wordplay displayed in her works has been personified by her past and concurrent experiences which include her hardships, trials and tribulations. All of which she has been accompanied by her loving husband of 24 years. Together they have raised three children in the picturesque valleys of the Rhondda, South Wales. Her lifetime admiration of reading and writing has steered her into a adventurous new direction of collaborations with an up and coming Canadian artist Alla Ilescu whos idiosyncratic mind and artistic works compliment the vivd images Donna's narritve works paint.

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