Wednesday, February 1, 2017




how beautiful we both are
in our different hues
we breath in the fuse
of our encounter…
don`t let the world
inflict our souls
with racist commands
we are same people
`till the ends…
your eyes are sparkling
like the stars at dawn
look at me now…
do you see the swan
dancing at the surface
of this lake
like a ballerina
it`s no mistake
her feathers are like your
white beautiful skin
and mine is like a black diamond

you have just found
under the shivering yin
we are the children of light
innocent and naked
our thought has no fight
against anyone
who looks different
let`s teach the world
about the beauty
of each individual


let`s clutter the streets with our beautiful madness…
you play I dance
people will join this crave of being free and mesmerized
by the thrill of this misbehave…
watch me
as I step on the sound
of your guitar…
a black man, talented charm
and a white little girl moving,
dressed up in her ethereal beauty…

a perfect show…
upon these streets` glow and celebrating flow


forever we are meant to be
this love is so real...
I can breath it through my skin
is like dancing in the rain
and taste every drop of genuine happiness...
that is us the same...

in eternity rises authentic love & fairy
black and white...
like pages in a book...
in written charming history...
real tender dreams...
whispers beneath our
soft love themes