Wednesday, February 1, 2017




When you are smiling
My heart becomes happy
As long as this world is not broken
And you might not forget to draw
I use to wait for
And the smile you provide makes me remember my past
Which is inseparable fom the lives
Wherever I go I bring it always
To remind my fate
That's great I appreciate
Since your smile never hurts me
Though you are so far away from my side
And I know how great love I gain
From the smile I dreamed
Not only,but it brings up my hope
That's what I gaze from time to time

My desire is to grasp the love
You promise for one till trice
But never comes to reach my mind
Since you are the love
You are the moon of my heart
To give the lighting
Which never fades away
Let the sun knows how far my love be there
To give lightning till the sea is drying
And none of the winds blows my love
Since you are the fuel of my heart
As long this earth is not broken into pieces
As long as my breath is in yours
And only God knows
Of what it is in the lives of mine
For the sake of urging the love
Looks like snow to cover the truth

Only you and me are smiling
For the sun is shining
Since the love i say that you are mine
I am the lover that yours

No separation between you and me
While whispering about the love
Let the lives be grown by the love
From the childhood we adopted

That the love is a hope
For our lives be happy till to die
Even if the sea is drying
Let us walk on it and try to express the love
From now and then we are friends

That the love be in life and death
Never be separated
I promise you are the fuel my heart
You are the leaves on the tree in my lives
To be a shelter of mine
Since now up to then
Never be separated to die


Be impossible if the stars
comes down to fetch me
Since there is no way to do it
And the sun does not speak
It only gets angry
Why should i come down to give my shining
So as the moon speaks
Why should i come down to give lighting
And the sea will be angry
By saying i will come to destroy
Since you and me are not friends
For the love is far away
You never put the love in a good way
That we are just the same
As the creation of Radiant claim
To give the message for the man
And may not let them think uselessly
For we are all parts of nature
That must be in the love
If not, all are nihilistic

How nice the coffee is
As long as the sugar has not been away
So far i drink for a while
To taste whether it has touched my feeling
Whether it will be sweet or not
The coffee is not bitter at all
To taste it for twice
To keep in mind for the next day
How it will be later to taste
So far no complaint
So far no questioning
Everything has been successful in drink
That's what i like to be
Be sure of its figures
How nice the coffee is
Sometimes it is bitter or nice to taste
As long as the water not to dry
As long as the world not to be spoiled
That's what i like to be


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