Wednesday, February 1, 2017



My fingers trace the cracks in a shadow
Like apoptotic bodies lie in a meadow
As the soot of life settles in its pore
The indurated scars that were bleeding before
Amidst the crowd walk as a whole
Searching...searching... On a prowl
Veins of experience red and blue
Statistics though may not be true
Glowing with fire or fire burnt
Transformed to something they weren’t
As they wait with every exhalation
Their journey to end in salvation
Keep growing like a malignancy
Resulting apoptosis then a new pregnancy
Mutations serving survival’s goal
So is the dark anatomy of a soul.
All rights reserved .

With strokes of brush
Soused in leathery paint
I Colour me treize
Hues of blues
Into the blue yonder
Runs my mind
Picking for my throes
Carnations blue
Cerulean paint I
Silence of my orbs
Dandelion desires
Shimmer sapphire hue
Laughter echoes
Waterfalls Periwinkle
Meconopsis curiosities
Walking avenues
Rocking plopping
Dances my heart
As morning glories
Jewelled with dew
Electric energy, glacial blush
Reflected from mine zaffre soul
Clematis colored my Aster touch
I  - a blend of Majorelle blues.
Lively n happy, jewelled with life
I colour me treize hues of blues
All rights reserved .

In the loving memory of my mother
Sitting alone
I have no - one known
Some years after you are gone
Again this day I memorise you.

It’s not that
I don’t think of you
It’s just that
These days I am blue

I loved you all my life
But could never express to thee
I fought with you, I cried with you
You were the best friend to be

Now when you are gone
I am all alone
Any gem of worldly charm
Cannot replace your motherly warmth
This day is like a steady stagnant tear
Chuckling down the cheek, a memory of an year
I stand emotionless with turbulences in my will
However, time may sweep away, I will love you still.
All rights reserved .

Dr. PRERNA SINGLA Dental Surgeon/ Entrepreneur/ Poet/ writer/ editor/ reviewer/ songs & short-story writer, based in Gurgaon (India), working as Creative Director of Lavita Palace, Editor-in-chief of Hall of Poets International ezine, Deputy Secretary to Presidency (former) for World Union of Poets (WUP-UMP, Italy), KIBATEK Media Ambassador for India, Author of ‘The Crown of Sekhmet’, Chief Editor of Amazon’s best selling Anthology “Roses & Rhymes”, 5th Winner of Poetry Champion of India (2016), 2016 nominee for Reul Prize , Guest author of ‘Realty of spirituality in kalyug’ & ‘Dad’s darling daughter’, creator of self-styled poetry named as "Trilocution verselets” and co-author of many anthologies and magazines. She’s judged many poetry contests & has been extensively interviewed. She has gained knowledge in many languages apart from her mother tongue (hindi); English, Punjabi, Urdu, Sanskrit, French basic, Jamaican(Patois) to name a few.

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