Wednesday, February 1, 2017




I love the evening when drizzling, flowing
under the distant, majestic bridges
and when the river is quickly carried to the dawn
she runs and run like a playful child
surrendering only to our dreams, sweet and wild.

I love quiet evenings warm in their visits
decorated with rain, snow and sea waves
after bright colors of daily being¸ bring peace of resting
and love us in our darkest dreams.

When you go to sleep and dream of a duel emperors
and glove when in the face of dumped
and suddenly in the darkness sobbed guitar
this drizzly evening through the handles of swords.

Evening  is a friend of all Days
in their nature worship them and welcomes
although it will never see each other
Day is grateful when performing
and drizzly evening.

Above me watch Coral night
red as a rose blooming
long summer carefully cultivated
just to get to me flashed
and my dreams were revealed.

Above me watch Coral night
beautiful as ecstatic saint ,
powerful as dissolute street girl
seduces me and hug me with longing whole
enchants in its coral suit .

O you Night Coral lightfull
always young , always new and beautiful ,
refuge of all poets , artists
in You are all united souls of the world
And when you Coral
Per days I see your face
the lump of coral
when the sun shine dance.


Young light at sea by the wind
every moment changing colors and horizons
the sea is the uncatchable brilliant light
the unrepeatable moment, a harvest of dawn.

In our life race to light
a lifetime is not enough
to capture the same shine moment
nor the same shadow as a beloved corner.

And even if it is recorded somewhere
a whole century might have missed
spectrum changes a color of the sky
true uniqueness harvests of dawn.

We harvest beauty every second
in the shift of light and shadow
as life without end
an even million years  if we lived on Earth
would not catch the same shiny  moment and sound
the harvest of dawn.


TATJANA LONČAREC is a poetess from Zagreb, Croatia. She has published two collections of poems – That the World does not Die (2005) and Crowned Roses (2008). She is an active member of "Morning Poetry" and a regular in Rijeka, the Croatian literary society. Mute Melodist chosen her poem "White Nights" for Poetry anthology Paradox/Oxymoron as the Language of Poetry. Collective collection of poems COM-PEN-DI-UM published May 2016 in the USA where Tatjana Lončarec along with 12 authors from around the world participated with five poems. Realistic Poetry International chosen her poem for Realistic Poetry International Anthology 2016.NavWorks Press' USA, Los Angeles in new book  Sometimes Anyway: Pride in Poetry Volume II publiced her one poem.

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