Wednesday, February 1, 2017




When we met it' was clear you need only a friend
To have one heart whom to you could listen
I asked how if this friendship will grow?
You were silent and told me let us just ride with the flow

In our friendship you treated me like a princess
I was amazed and to you I was so much pleased
You showed me care my life haven't experienced
I was your muse of the night and you were my prince

I begun to worry as to each we started to miss
Is this sort of love we started to feel for each?
You explained It's like water and food we both need
Though  how strong  my faith with your words I became weak

It was an enigma a feeling we couldn't contain
I  describe love between us was like heaven
I made poems of love so pure so intense
You played sweet music for me to listen

In a beautiful park we claimed it was our Kingdom
We strolled every night sharing our lives boredom
We shared everything under the moonlight
You're awesome, your intelligence shined so bright

The power of your touch is much higher than lust
You promised me nothing only just love
As we both glide in our difficult situation
I became the woman no longer near to perfection

You became my stength that I lost in mine
I became selfish I want to grab all your time
Though I was aware you were not really mine
And I am not yours in the name of God and mankind

You told me I was your happiness yet they are your life
And our faith will wake us up one day even we don't like
Our faith in God will separate both our lives
And I couldn't  talk how can I argue if you were right asked what was wrong with my words?
How could I talk to give a fight if my rival is my Lord?
I finally broke  my voice with tears flowed more than fast
Were you aware?.. that are playing my heart from the very start?..

But how can I let this feeling stop etched deeply inside my heart?
You've successfully snatched my heart with your passionate touch
I tried to find my exceptional  stength to which I had before
I want these silent tears of love to flow no more

As we stood up that so dangerous cliff
I strongly decided and bravely called it quit
I gave you my tight  embrace as i bid good bye
Paving  back to our own paths broke my heart as t'was the first time I saw you cry
Deep in our hearts we part but we know our love will never wither and die

I find myself back to me and so my  strength
To my beautiful  place I brought back my sweet pains
It wasn't easy as in your heart you locked me and threw the key
Yet I tried to remold confidently my beautiful me

Acceptance made my smile to glow again..
I can even invite you now to peep what is in..
Youre comfortably lying inside  my heart
In a very special corner where no one could touch..

Helen Sarita


I am whom anyone's heart sees in me
A gentle reflection of their own inner beauty
I am a queen of my own miniature kingdom
I run uneasy things so light without boredome

I'm like a fish busy swimming in a big ocean with no chance to sleep beyond
I am a colorful butterfly flying in the garden giving vivid ambiance to a candid paradise
During the storm, I am like an eagle soaring calmly upon the highest skies
I am a woman of hope and love, in turbulence of life I believe I can always survive

I am a lover of this temporary life yet I am not afraid to  die
I love to stay the world yet ready to leave upon the calling of time
My heart is always rekindled with wishes and love
I dream to see my loved ones living their dreams so glad

What you see on me attests my real personality
My imperfections and flaws speak my real beauty
Their is a kind of love within me many souls can define
And there's such a great love in my heart only to my soul aligned

I am a cascades of laughter to my beloved friends
I am a spring of inspiration to everyone else
I am the falling star of a very wishful evening
I am an ethereal moonlight in the dark sparkling

I am the book of my imagination
I am what my heart churning in motion
I am what the wisdom speaks in my poetry
I am a woman so full.. .I am a woman of so many Me


I am from my beautiful Philippines, I am a woman with very positive outlook in life, giving my best in anything that I do. I am very flexible and really treasure friendship. I never discriminate people. I always listen and give advises. I am a fighter and I  believe that nothing is impossible when we have a deep faith. I express my feeling by writing poems. I always dream to travel and make friends around the world. I really appreciate people who are respectful and like any other women I admit on my imperfections. Appreciation from my family and from my true and real friends are my strength and courage in my every challenge.


  1. Hello beautiful poetess and Author you are amazing..

    1. Oh you always surprised me my sweet angel Debbie. Thank you so much. You contributed a huge part of life. Please know that.