Wednesday, February 1, 2017



I a happy butterfly
flitting here and there
just touch your fingertips
and in a moment
my kiss brings you to rapture

our bonds must have spanned past lives
that is why I come to you shamelessly,
silently,helplessly with throbbing heart

till my last breath
I will flutter around you my soul mate
no friend,not even my shadow as close as you

on the shore of past life memories
you must have kissed me so deeply
that you branded me for eternity
yet my longing for you is not satisfied my life's darling
with you alone I drive nights'chariot of dreams

I a creature of the sea
caress your shores with more than ecstasy
with more than intense yearning
even if I drown in this ocean of desire
you will live in every pulse of my being

( Translated by Indira Punnoose)


Long,long ago my Love
we planted in our garden
A Chembakom (Plumeria)
its intoxicating scent
beckoning us

Visions of those summer nights
still twinkle in my memory
evenings clad in ruby red
flower filled nights
sprinkled with silver moon beams

When I first touched your hand,my Love
you stood stunned,electrified
the twilight witnessed our first kiss
and you blushed like a golden Asoka bloom

With my embraces
with my kisses
I buried your body
and as a golden lamp you glowed

That night when we two became one
a shy lily ,with folded hands you stood
as beautiful as the lustrous moon
a blessing earned by the good Karma of the past lives

Then you SMILED
though today we are old and grey
you, a mother of children, a grandmother
in the secret arbour of my memory
I treasure,my darling
A smile that defeats
the golden moonlight
the alluring twilight
the exquisite songs of the nights..

( Translated by Prof. Prasanna Kumari )


There appeared a gold fish in my day dream
Silver and crystal glittered it's fins,
Dancing and choking in the jar - drained of water
My heart bleeds - at its struggle
At the dance so picturesque
The gold fish in the lone jar.

The time is too short - soon it will be still
I searched around for water - in vain
Found the dark sea brimming in my heart
Turning on the waters - filled the jar with tears.

I started from my dream
Something pierced my eyes so sore
I struggled to open them - but failed
I craved for water - battled for breath
Like the gold fish in the lone jar
And my sight flickered to dimness
At the flash of those silver fins.

( Translated by Jessy Thomas. )

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