Saturday, July 1, 2017




When my heart is filled with worries,
When despair grows in me
I fall in love with things that some people deem
Complementing each other
Hear my cries of desperation
Distinguish the worthy from the unworthy,
No death but a deep communion between mother earth and us
Look how much the same we are,
Then fell stillness such as harks appalled
We must never forget
Life is like a journey
For these have governed in our lives,
Before I can gather strength
Just when situations arise
I many times thought Peace had come
The day I will break the cage,
Each breath I breathe makes me appreciate
Bring the dawn of a new loving world,
What care I for the world's desire and pride,
Safe from all harm Peaceful and calm
In all true believers
Honour the ideal of peace.
© Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta “Mewadev”, Banda (U.P. - India)
@ All Rights Reserved.


Put it on national television, for everyone to see
With one deep breathe I against genocide on all my worries
I see it and it sickens me too
Subtlety is not a natural act of human consciousness;
I whispered to myself, patience blossoming from dread
A witness to the slow, fleeting genocide of stars as they are burned out one by one
All went lame; all blind;
There where the stench of the dead and the dying
Look at the World with Open Eyes
Whose children burn alive, booby-trap the dead,
Angry scratches mar the wood in twisted lines
Because war is wrong
The art of war through the use of internal fighting
We are made from the same blood and yet we are divided into nations
And lead me into this dark land
Life drains out more every day but only channel love in defence
I said you do not care, please Lord, I lied.
© Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta “Mewadev”, Banda (U.P. - India)
@ All Rights Reserved.


We descend the last few steps from that airy world above
Tonight we have come seeking reflection
For those in search of tranquillity,
But to be hugged forever by the wonder of its ecstasy
Emerging from and receding into mysteries larger than any individual life
What childishness is it that while there's a breath of life
Looking at the sea with a dreamy sadness is changing itself in the brightness of the midnight
For the moment, many have lost that honour
Like an ancient river flowing from the mountains to the sea
That peace, love and joy the soul thirst for is light years away
And when kindly falls the night,
By following the wind we lead our fate.
© Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta “Mewadev”, Banda (U.P. - India)
@ All Rights Reserved.


DR. BRAJESH KUMAR GUPTA “MEWADEV”  awarded as "VICEDOMINI OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS - INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS" (19° level on 24 of the W.U.P. - with 1 gold star on the rainbow of peace of the W.U.P.). He holds Ph. D. from Sai Nath University, Ranchi (Jharkhand), India and an award winning poet and writer. Brajesh was born in Nainital in 1982.He is a member of about 160 poetry groups and a member of World Union of Poets. He has taught at many educational academies. He resides at Banda (U.P.), India. He loves writing poetry, novel and short stories in his free time and dream to be a man of letters. Over the years in his for-profit work he has initiated, participated in, and carried to completion a fair number and range of national and international advisory assignments and research on thorny issues of technology, economy, socially. His significant academic contributions towards a creative synthesis of social thought have received wide attention and acknowledgement by many reputed scholars. His significant academic contributions towards a creative synthesis of social thought have received wide attention and acknowledgement by many reputed scholars. He is also member of ELT@I (India), IATEFL (UK) and several academic forums, editorial boards, organizations and an active social activist. His first book of poetry “THE RAIN” has published by Onlinegatha Publication of Lucknow. His poems are about religion, emotions, nature, life, real experiences, patriotism and full of motivation. His poems and short stories have been published in various journals, anthologies and websites in several countries. He started his academic career from Atarra Degree College, Atarra – Banda affiliated to Bundelkhand University, Jhansi (U.P.). His next academic career experience at Raja Devi Degree College, Banda, and Eklavya Mahavidyalaya Banda affiliated to Bundelkhand University, Jhansi (U.P.), as Assistant professor and H.O.D. (English)  at Shri Vishwanath P. G. College, Kalan – Sultanpur (U.P.) affiliated to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Awadh University, Faizabad (U.P.). He has joined again Eklavya Mahavidyalaya for teaching in September 2016.  He has credited several published articles in various national and international journals and magazines. He has participated in various national and international seminars and conferences. Besides this he is an active journalist and member of academic and social organizations. Dr. Gupta has mentored many and also assisted many in unleashing his creative potential. Through his talks, seminar presentations, creativity workshops and personal interactions, he has popularized many new concepts in management and leadership.  His publications include research papers in International/ National Journals/Seminars/Conferences, scholarly articles, poetry and short stories anthologies, reputed magazines and reference books/book chapters. He has published more than 25 research papers in peer Reviewed International/National Journals and conferences. His thesis on “TREATMEMT AND GLORIFICATION OF LOVE AND SEX IN THE NOVELS OF D. H. LAWRENCE”.

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