Saturday, July 1, 2017




Lying down with a lazy delight
Combing the grass under the back
I select an easy-to-dream posture
Close eyes and prepare to be carried by the stars
Enter that space
An infinite number of times larger than any memories
Memories rushing side by side
Imperceptibly and regular
Not fast but not slow either
No time to catch the families has passed away
They have drifted away all
Can only blame how merciless my memories are
Even to be detached as tears brim over
In the trance, do not know who woke me up
Memories were all recovered, none left a bit
Next time, as the stars call me again
Have been determined to
Prepare a dark airtight bag
Like a night wandering thief


White flowers all the way to the ground
Hands full
Bending into a maze of hard to cover
Until the lake appears quietly dotted with lotus
All openings on the shore with a smile
Paulownia alone with that lonely shadow
Tree, full of the whole mountain, all are dense clusters
No one was isolated
Except it
Sighted the elegance belongs to the lake
Do not mind that mockery of lotus
Fell in love with the small fish in the lake
Ghost spirit fine look
Left alone here for a million years
That reflection like a swaying tower
But the tower does not bloom
And it
Did not miss a year wanton white flowers full tree
In short after May
Separate hands to send flowers into the pool
Safely sit under the tree
Like a polar
That pair of damselflies looking at each other
Can’t bear to leave


Issues! Issues!
Basilica of the wind blowing again
Not because of noon near
the voice gradually disappeared
Dandelion petals flying
Flying over those clenched fists
look forward to
open the palms of your hands
Start counting numbers
Let the numbers replace the protests of the noise
From the initial point of democracy

Fragile grid paper
Clasped in the hands of each voters
Dandelion fluttering
The petals fly over the fists
Everyone looked up
With their second hand
Cast a sacred one vote
Dandelion has been floating on the roof

Counting! Ccounting!
Wind back to the hills with a tired
Lay down on the turf
Dandelion forgot to follow
She stayed in the palace of democracy
Waiting for billing results
She started
Sing loudly
The voice is spread over the valley
Disturb the birds, the wind and the trees in the rest


When I walk in the puddle
People said
that frightened frogs stampede
over the shadow of the moon in the lake
The night was so quiet today
When i climb up the shore
Back to find that it deep as a lake
Like the endless sky
Looking at the past boundless
Such a little water is extremely vast in my eyes
As opposed to my small body
As opposed to my small body

I bowed to lift a lotus leaf
Found that its roots have become mud
Dyed a whole pool of water
Seems to forget to flow
I was scared to jump back
Under that very luminous silence
I have not heard any signs of disturbance
Except the slowly blowing breeze
As opposed to my frightening heartbeat
As opposed to my frightening heartbeat

Autumn night
sometimes the same as in the spring
Keep the water warm
The moon reads like a long melancholy
Why do you have to hang your heart?
Even my skin looks so dark
under the moonlight
I walk away
But keep my head high
I wave my hand
But do not care at all
I heard the thunderous laughter of
my companions behind sounded everywhere
I heard the thunderous laughter of
my companions behind sounded everywhere


Oh!  When the sun hovering over hillside
Wind shaking the tree shadow
How to up to you
Just do not say want to go together

Oh!  Red flower opened in full on the hillside
White Butterfly Dream youth everywhere
When the wind blows smeared red lipstick
Do not only care about keen on pleasing
Forgot patrol the fields

Oh!  The former hill can’t compare with the back hill
So beautiful
Always secretly waiting
Must not be
Recall with nostalgia halfway water
Wind, you have to fly smoothly

Dr. Tzemin Ition Tsai(蔡澤民) was born in 1957 in Taiwan. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics. He has equal affections in science, mathematics and literature. The results are all reflected in academic and creative published simultaneously. Associate Professor for Asia University, Taiwan and a columnist of several poetry journals,  editor of “Reading, Writing and Teaching” academic text of the National Changhua Normal University, Taiwan, director of Writers’ Capital International Foundation, Director of Soflay International Asia, Member of Board of ” Pjetër Bogdani” International Writers’ Association, English writer of BABELMATRIX International Multilingual Literature Portal , and Taiwan Representative of IMMAGINE & POESIA , Italy. His literary works include novels, prose, and poems.  He loves describing nature, humanity’s love and affection through literary works. He is often referred to as “a green poet”. In addition to access to many domestic and foreign literature awards, a large number of his works have been published in domestic and foreign literature publications and been translated into more than 14 languages and had been published in over 38 countries. Tzemin Ition Tsai(蔡澤民) is the representative of IMMAGINE & POESIA in Taiwan. His Important winning records within three years: 2014, “ The 2nd National Gene Wide-angle Mirror Contest ” Gold Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.) 2015, “The 3rd National Gene Wide-angle Mirror Contest” Bronze Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.) 2015, Changhua Provincial Bureau of Culture, “The 23-year Huangsi Literature, Changhua County Writers Award (Long novel) ” (Taiwan, R. O. C.) 2015, “The 38th China Times Newspaper Award” The Essay Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.) 2015, National Hakka Committee “Tong Flower Award” Excellent Work of Prose (Taiwan, R. O. C.) 2016, Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Culture “The 12th Culture and Art Award” Excellent Work of Short Novel (Taiwan, R. O. C.) 2016, International Writers Association “The 2016 BOGDANI International Award for Outstanding Poets” (Belgium and Kosovo)

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