Tuesday, August 1, 2017



Without the context

I am not a word
without the context
or a thought
interrupted in mid-sentence

you don’t understand
when I speak
I don’t understand
when you are silent

we lack
the basis of an agreement

the only thing that exists
is the emptiness between us


despite the logic
I will smile to my life
maybe it will answer
also with the smile

although I was often given
a certificate of immaturity
I still believe
that these exams make sense

premature questions
have found answers
but too sophisticated
to take the adventage of them
it is only a useless knowledge
but one day

it may change me


it is said that
she had enslaved him
with her sight
but he just wanted
to look into her eyes
he never refuses

there was the truth
about a harmony
of hearts and thoughts there
about so naive EVER
and so real NOW

it is said that
his sight was full of peace
but he did not always look
like that
these eyes could not lie

do not believe
in what it is said
look into my eyes


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