Tuesday, August 1, 2017




When I listen to
the Beastie Boys
at this age
I can't help but
feel nostalgic

They were
a gleaming light
in the garbage pile
of hip-hop
who started out
as a punk band
they even played
their own instruments

Mazel tov!

Woody Allen
has undermined
some of the
less than stellar
times in my life
through movies
like Broadway
Danny Rose

When people
bring up his
past allegations
I can't help but
think that
maybe he's been
influenced by
the Talmud

Oy vey!

What it all
boils down to
is entertainment
yes I've been
But when I
the likes of
Benjamin Disraeli
Jacob Schiff
Edward Bernays
Bernard Baruch
Leon Trotsky
and the Rothschild's
in their entirety

I'd like to
casually mention
that I have not
been amused

In fact
it's quite
the contrary
this occupation
of our country
needs to end
here's an

If your tribe
would leave
the banking
and media
up to us

We'd turn
the other cheek
as your tribe
blows up
for a greater Israel



Going on
six months now
this disconnection
is liberating

No more
check ins
I can't stomach
the stupidity
of the goyim

If it's on the
New York Times
or Huffington Post
they treat it like
a candid revelation

Not an inch
for free thinking
will be given
this is the truth
all the positive
feedback is

They share
the status
of being
equally guilty
by propagating
the lies of those
who lurk
in the shadows

Blue pill
or red pill
the choice
truly isn't yours
either way you'll
wash it down
with a fresh glass
of fluoride

I used to think
conspiracy theories
were for weirdos
until the dumbing down
of generations
became so
blatantly obvious
that maybe fiction
is indeed fact
or maybe this is just
a vast land of
brainwashed goyim


they came
for our pride
by coining
the phrase
white guilt

it was their tribe
who owned the ships
no one prospered
more from the
Transatlantic slave trade
than them

they furthered
their attack
with the conception
of white privilege
to cover up the facts

They're only
2.6% of the
yet they control
media and
a plethora
of other fields

If anyone
is privileged
it's not us
it's them

They infiltrate
our countries
with immigrants
under the guise
of multiculturalism

Call us racists
when we protest
as they partake
in genocide
and eugenics
in the land
they stole from
the Palestinians

How many empires
need to crumble
before we
face the facts
and learn to think

that challenges
their narrative
has a label

They refer
to the truth
as anti-Semitism


MICHAEL MARROTTI is a proud white man from America, currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA. He presses one for English, cause that’s what happens when you’re living in an occupied country. His chapbook, F.D.A. Approved Poetry, is available on Amazon. You could help to keep art alive by picking up a copy. He is also the editor of Excavation, a poetry blog. Submissions are open.

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