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It was way back when
In her place that dreams are made
She was pretty as a flower
Ran beside many a fawn in her finest hour~

Quiet laying in the jasmine bubble
Where beauty and nature bestow their sweet intentions
The insatiable hunger of yesteryears.
Down at the bayou~

She was laying there for the taking
Marble and stone reflections
Waiting to embrace then surrender
Listening to the lone coyote of the night~

Trying to love the real you
In the mighty God of heaven
In a divided world of love and hate
Living in whispered praises
That adores waiting arms of the Great I Am!
Debbie Brooks. @.....


NO this is not a Love Story
but it is a story about love
about those that give into it
and the price they pay
and those that run away from it
because they are afraid
or they do not believe they are worthy of it
so, she ran away~

Sad, shy and lonely
she moaned love me now
her heart was crushed
forevermore-that’s what she had heard
obliterated, melting into one~

Being the first, she thought
this must be the forever one
no, he couldn't get away
so there she was deep in love,
feeling alive, rightly so
in a whirlwind of time
nights spent screaming, nightly dreams
times of yesterday ~

Story of love, not a love story
story of life, not a heart story
story of fear, so afraid
that’s the day she ran away~
Debbie,, @


Flowers and Butterflies
I do declare
Kisses my cheeks
Sent from heaven, was whispered lightly to me~

A message said there were plenty
Thank you for choosing me
My sister Susan said ‘hurry hurry’
Don’t forget my sister Deb, it’s her birthday today~

Jesus laid His hand on her arm
Your sister will be so happy
Don’t you despair!
Jesus feels our heart the love we both share~

The leafs were shaped like stars
Butterflies flew around
The mist was circling
Drifting on soft curtains veil~

Icy cold wind was breathing
and kissing leaves of frost
Summer came and went,
as the stars grew tired at night~

A wintered snow in a mirrored lake
flowed around the stars
As the flowers grew where ancients
legends post~

Found much peace in the heavenly realms
Sweet sweet sisters you really are
With these flowers~

Always remember God
is Pure Sweet Love!
Dedicated to my Facebook Sister
Susan Joyner Stumpf

Debbie @

DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD: Lives In Tennessee USA. She is a published author of 47 books. You can find her on Lulu.com, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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