Tuesday, August 1, 2017



Do not speak with loud
To go outside of home alone not allowed
She is moon as if surround by clumsy cocoon clouds
Always suffocated by emotional torture and relatives vows
Whatever she try to do new, always criticizes by crowd
Always her inner and eyes tears with fear and hound
She is feeling as mighty lion in the box trapped
Her all talents and ability like gag wrapped
She cannot able to raise her inner voice or sound
So called of social norms, not allow her place to make her free playground
What is the need to stuck with her brevity instead background
Can she ever able comes out from the inner and outer walls in which she is bound?
Can anyone go there to make her free and make her feel relief in the serene wind?
Can she able comes out from the social shroud?

Life is the book gifted by the infinite almighty
Vast thy visions to glimpse world's affinity

Stay strong in problems of the life as symbol of unique solidity
Do not loose ever, thy inner sagacity

Every dark night, again come up with the dawn  of sunshine
With the rays of hope, as blessings of sublime

Contribute something in small life span as pilgrims of the humanity
Be the messenger of love, peace and integrity

Open the treasury pages of the great history
Accept and spread what is worth, and make the need able change and variety

Open thy heart, and flow thyself as stream of tranquility
Comes out with your inner liveliness and liberty

Deconstruct the falsify and blind beliefs of the society

Be the best book of author almighty
Believe and be live with brotherhood and unity

Script thy superb splendid life story
Let the world know your success glory

Life's ways are not always smoother
Sometimes ups and downs in weather

Journey starts from birth to struggle for to survive and fight before the life's stormy nights
It's not easy to achieve success without facing storms and to come in limelight

Beneath the heart, there are many hidden tempest
Have to make efforts everyday as Sisyphus to existential quest

Storms of the life teaches, success ways are goes through a lot toils being teacher in hardens
Whenever life looks like just burden

Storm of the life makes man stronger
Instead putting weapon of hope and surrender

One who is faces life's dark thunders
They are reach to see and feel life as rainbow full of colors

As with the time, days turns of calendar
Seeds struggles to comes out soil's under

Sometimes difficulties and dooms spikes to heart as worm
There is need of hope as healing balm to calm

In life's some moments everyone feels loneliness, though, surround by crowd
There are lot of tears as tornado hidden beneath the heart and people can only sights their success fruits and cheer with proud

From the womb to tomb, life as pendulum success and failure in thorny ways
Success shines aa sunbeams, to whom who stays and struggles in their stormy days


Ms NIDHI KIRRIBHAI KUNVARANI is poetess and writer from India. Completed her M.A(Eng Lite) in 2014,from M. K. B.U Gujarat, India. In past, she has been worked as an 'Assistant Professor'. At present, she is working for anthologies as contributory poet and author, book reviewer, and also interested in English literary aspirant. Many times she has been recognized in national and international e-contests.

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