Tuesday, August 1, 2017




Sometimes the things we used to see
doesn't seem like real to me,
like something's there that's hidden behind
- like the truth is hidden to my mind:
Something keeps us from seeing reality
because it's easier to stay blind

To find out what's really true
- just to get an idea of a clue
- I keep asking question by question,
just to get more information,
so that I know what I have to do
to work on an adequate preparation:

To find out truth may cause a change,
a try to make things rearrange,
because if the questioned rules would stay
it would not be benefitial for your way:
You choose a path that to others might seem strange,
living with your decision day by day

Even if your choice is right,
most persons might deny to see your light:
They follow the way they have been taught,
claiming it's right for what they fought...
Maybe theirs is a limited sight
or maybe it's some lies you caught

Important is that you are sticking to
what you really believe is true:
Patiently answer to questions and replies,
kindly share your knowledge, explain your "why"'s,
for it finally might occur to you:
Questioning facts will help uncover the lies

Making a difference is not bad
- but it might cause reactions that are sad
Have faith that the truth will shine through:
Required changes will come when the time is due
The idea that you might have had
might change a lot more than intended by you


The moment that you choose your way
you might start to be different that very day,
because of the change inside of you
-maybe because noone yet could see your reasons through

This doesn't mean that you are wrong,
for what you do just might be right
-you just might have to learn to be strong,
how to make other persons see your light

You might start to feel alone,
it might start to drag you down,
for even if you try to debate
-your argumentation is being denied with a kind of hate

You might not understand the reasons why,
for you don't really see a reason to fight
-still there's a feeling inside that you can't deny,
making you feel sad, so you can't sleep at night

Question your reasoning to find out
what your points really are about,
ask why others don't understand what you see,
why you're the one belonging to a minority

Time will show what's really true;
until then you just need to make them understand:
There is nothing wrong that was intended by you
-you're just someone who doesn't fear exploring unknown land

Learn about what you want to say:
If you feel it's something that you want to stay,
remember that each of us is an individual
-you are different, special, in a unique way spiritual

Understand that hate is often caused by fear
-this fear is often based on prejudice:
When change we don't understand is suddenly near,
some of us are struck with this

Never forget that it's for a reason you are here;
learn on your way, make your points very clear,
for if it's good and right what you choose to do,
there might be other persons joining and following you

You might be part of something that is great and new:
Maybe that is the reason you are here for…
Something wonderful of that you never had a clue
happens when you find out you are not alone anymore


Like always, it was nice to hear from you
- still I can't help but think all of this through:
Why you don't tell me who you are,
not even if you are near to me or far...

Why - if you really care for me
- you don't even let me know
who for you I used to be...
Why you don't find a way to show

I don't think that I would bite,
I also won't hide behind some dimmed light:
I promise, I will try to act kind,
because by meeting we can get this off your mind

I'm just a usual person - you'll see,
someone who can make mistakes:
Just another member of humanity,
who is trying to do whatever it takes

I would like you to stop guessing...
I would like you to stop messing...
There is always a place in my heart for a friend,
someone with whom I don't have to pretend...

But it's not good to guess what could be,
making an invented unreal version of me
that keeps on making you blind for the real,
for the things that are there, that you really could feel

So - instead of keeping to guess - get a heart,
take a deep breath, be calm and make a start:
I am not going to tear you apart
- I'm not even expecting you to be especially smart

The only thing I'd expect is someone, who
is a halfway decent human being, too:
Someone who's doing their best, who's willing to do
what it takes to be a friend - maybe someone like you


Images of persons fighting
- they seem to be everywhere...
Pictures with a serene sighting
hardly happen to be there...

I only look around to see
decent persons too busy to just smile
- instead I have to keep hearing obviously
many paroles that listening to is not worth while

What keeps showing seems to be hate,
but under the covers there's some kind of fear:
Some persons want to provide - before it's too late
- that the needed change gets anyway near

We need to learn to accept and to be kind,
we need to remember to stay open with our mind:
Not being like anyone else is nothing bad,
but spreading hate is something sad...

Is religion, eating, the colour of skin
really a justification for harming someone?
Does the way of looking, loving, living begin
to justify a treatment with dignity or decency just being gone?

Haven't we been taught love should be spread,
so that we seem to fight and hate new things instead?
Shouldn't we just start to learn about what's new
so we don't have to fear it, because we have no clue?

Before we just follow some way
we should get to know if it's really ok
for this is not just some game to play
we need to decide if certain things really should stay

I believe that there is still so much to do
because often it's hard to see what's true
we are one human kind - so a change is overdue
look around, be happy - don't fight the empathy in you


BRITTA HOFFMANN was born 1970 in Germany, she lives close to Bremen. Her mother tongue is german – as is her nationality. She left school in 1989, and got married in 1991. She has 3 daughters. She started to write poetry in 2002.

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