Tuesday, August 1, 2017




Beside laid tables, wherever you are,
On grassy meadows amidst blossomed daisies,
Outcast, far from home and hearth
Or somewhere as messenger,
We drink blessed wine.
Under the blazing sun or the cloudy sky
Beneath the bitten moon’s look,
Or her full clear face
Where we’re stalked by the ember-stars
That migrate and start their journey
At times they lose their mind.
Wine imprisons my soul in the sky,
Where caravans of stars
Stampede the eyes
That stare the sky.
I toast for white wine,
Noble, pure and sincere...
And for red wine
Like the Christ’s blood
Eternally crucified in our hearts...
My darling,
You happily drink white and red wine,
I know, you betray me with both of them
Pleased to squeeze the grapes’ bosoms
But I forgive you, and more I love you
Often I get jealous with them,
And close them for years in dungeons, in the dark
And as the years go by
They get younger and more luscious
Everybody fall madly in love with them.
We drink and make love in the dark
Tasting wine alone or in company,
The old wine tastes like a woman,
That has, oh, so sweet coquetry of love...
For your sake my darling,
I toast my full glass for you
And caress its lips
In the name of the half-world:
Cheers my lover!


That night – ember of stars
Delayed “Anek” the trip from Pireaus
And I couldn’t reach...
Impeded, though
Back I didn’t go...!
Hurry, please – I told them –
Hurry up...!
With the eyes hinged on the opening door
She waits for me
Migrated and yearning with longing
In the ancient island named Crete,
Where embracing sun and sea
Kazanzatkis forever sleeps
Oh, mother!
Through August’s heat
Loaded with pain
And my longing that was burning the sun
I made my way through Pindus,
As once the patriots passed through deers...
I came... I did come that day
With the eternal farewell’s scent
To moisten your lips
To kiss your eyes...
The dawn of each month
Perturbed I am
A knot of sorrow in the throat...
Always pining for you my blessed,
Dear mother
When I am troubled and lost
Like in between waves of a storm
I always seek an advise from you, mother
To reach the shore or some other land.
Turn my head and look for you
And mutter to myself:
Wait to ask my mother!...
“Anek” ferry will delay from Pireaus
But will always find me in the harbors
Like my blessed mother’s will
On the shore of Mediterranean,
Far away in Crete...
Pole Star falls from the sky,
To bring you here in our midst
The love for each other
And the homeland Our vow for you...


I travel-star boulevards,
by stepping on nails,
that do not break the tranquility of the universe.
Always in peace,
not to break its perfection ...
Secede from the withdrawal of land,
peel of its severity
Im entering in the sagitarius constellation,
without hesitation ...
wounded by the arrows of Eros,
in the valley of the zodiac find rest
and raises the stature in flight ...


KOZETA ZAVALANI  was born in Korça - Albania, on March 8, 1958 and lives in Tirana. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana in 1982 and in 1985, specialized in journalism. She has worked in Albanian Public Television and now is Editor in Chief of the magazine "Season for Change" of the "Family and Media - Power for Change" association, which she leads. She has been part of several training courses in the literary, publicity, Human Rights and Leadership. Awards -"Ambassador for Peace"and "Women of the World - 2007” won "Special Award" for literary creativity with a high artistic level, bringing the value of outstanding and sustainable in the field of poetry. “Olympus Poetry Prize – “Demeter”, "Honorary Diploma of the 1 st Mediterranean Poetry Festival" and "Certificate of Merit", Larissa, Greece, 22-World Congress of Poets. Literary works: She was author in the volumes 1 and 2 of the book "Gra që më kanë frymëzuar" in Albanian and "Women who have inspired me” in English. In 2005 she published the volume "Halfworld" in English. In 2007 the volume "Gjysmëbota" in Albanian, as well as the bulletin "Human Rights". In 2010 was launched the volume of poetry "Migrator". In 2012 she published volume of poetry "Soul gate" translated into seven languages, English, Italian, Macedonian, Romanian, Turkish and Greek. In 2014 she published novel “Ankthi” and “ Frymemarrje Femerore”. In 2015 Poetry Book “Women”. Participating in many TV shows for the media of increasing women participation in political and social life.

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