Tuesday, August 1, 2017




I thought I have forgotten, how it is to love
How blissful it is to be in your loving presence.

Ever since you came and enkindled my heart
I knew, I was never, ever to be the same again.

You have brought so much beauty, so much color
So much meaning, into the empty recesses of my being.

It is unfathomable, how, I would always come alive
Each time, we come together as in a meeting of minds

For to love you is the most natural thing that I can ever do
And to be loved by you is but a product of my imagination,
A dream which should have been joy everlasting!

I Hope, I Found, a Soul Mate in You

When replete with joy with no one to share with
I hope, I found, a soul mate in you.

When tears would flow with no one to wipe them away
I hope, I found, a soul mate in you.

When uncertainties seer into my being with no one to console me
I hope, I found, a soul mate in you.

When times get rough, as they sometimes will
I hope, I found, a soul mate in you.

When everything has fallen and there is only you and I
I hope, I found, a soul mate in you.


Parting is such sweet sorrow, so they say…

But parting is not a sweet thing
For it leaves so much uncertainties
And the fear of the unknown!

But parting is not a sweet thing
It is like waiting, waiting and endlessly waiting
Like a love that never was but only, a fleeting fancy!

But parting is not a sweet thing
It leaves ugly scars etched deep within
As it cries for wanting and the longing to belong!

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Dr. JANET C. PASCUAL holds a BSE-English degree from the University of Makati (UMak), an M.A. in Education with specialization in Child Study, M.A. units in English Language Teaching and Ph.D. units in Applied Linguistics from the Philippine Normal University including earned units in Ed.D. in Innovative Educational Management from the University of Makati and now holds a Doctorate Degree in Educational Administration from Greenville College. Being a Registered Midwife, she started her teaching career as an instructor in Midwifery Procedures, after which, she taught in preschool, grade one, high school and for more than nineteen years now, in college. Currently, she is the Chair of the English and Interdisciplinary Communications Department at the University of Makati. Professor Pascual has received awards like the Outstanding Alumni of Makati Award, an award she shared with the likes of the Honorable Rene Saguisag and Newscaster Chichi Robles to name a few. She is likewise a recipient of several Outstanding Faculty Award based on students’ evaluation and a number of loyalty awards from UMak. Her professional practices also include being a Principal at Bethel Christian School; a Directress at Christian Center for Child Development and The Children’s House at YMCA, Makati; a Curriculum Consultant at The Gnaritas Institute; and, a co-author of published books in English, Literature, Humanities and IELTS including journals and researches. Apart from writing and editing, Dr. Pascual also conducts lectures and seminars in Early Childhood Development, Starting a Preschool, Language Proficiency, Creative Teaching Strategies and she also does reviews in IELTS, TOEFL, LET and Civil Service Exams.

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