Tuesday, August 1, 2017




At midnight when my dreams go silent
momma taught me to say a prayer,
Should hope fade shuffling off in chains
at the altar I learnt to rattle heaven's gate.
In the day we lost faith
love would pluck a star by night
So at the mountain top
on knees whispers would be echoes

Yesterday I whispered a prayer
my stomach churns patience awaiting echoes
should a cloud steal the sun for gray hour
A rattle would hold tears yet to plummet like rain
In the day silence screams so loud
I fear when heartbeat fails to make the music
I fear pleasant dreams as dawn encroaches
So on the mountain top
knee deep I scream for echoes

I said a prayer
my echo never whispered back
I rattled heaven's gates
still the shackles woke not the guardian
One knee down
my back awaited the figment of an echo
Should I lose faith
the stars would remain secure
Insecure to my dreams
i'm losing grasp on hope
Halfway down the mountain I stopped
on two feet with whispers cursing echoes


Below the meniscus
I don't wanna drown
At the edge of a
I fear the light
Before a new dawn
I'm ready to exhale
I care dream
I dare to breathe
I wish one day
I'll hope again

If the sky should
At least let me fly
If the world should
Stop in orbit
Allow me to Dance
one last circle
Allow me a motion
With pure emotion
I care to smile
I dare to believe
One day I might
Rekindle my faith

Before you touch
Promise to hold
me tight
Vow not to squeeze
But a breeze you'll be
Day and night
At dawn I'll care
If by dusk you're
If the sky should
A star I'll hold and
Be your music for life
I'll care to trust
I'll dare to feel
And with time
I'll love again


My heart wants to count the hours
My soul wants to count the minutes
But my mind cares not for either
Why number the hugs, why list the smiles
Why name splendid memories with a figment of an ancient man's numericals
Why dwell on the past when a new experience awaits

When trials grade a friendship
Dictionary Pages try define the word friend
Hence they  feel misquoted when i say they speak nonsense
I hope you don't mind when both are delineated by experiences with  you
Coz friendship makes sense when defined as knowing you

As my mind anticipates the laughter  to come.
Let my heart  reserve this day just to cherish,
Cherish a friend so true, a friend called you
So as my lips dry out let my breath  carry my gratitude to the heavens
My gratitude to God for blessing me with you


TAPIWA ASHLEY MAWERE is a young Zimbabwean who speaks Shona as his mother tongue and English as a second language. He originates from Zimbabwe but current works in South Africa .

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  1. There is power and deep emotion in your poetry, Tapiwa..


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