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“Time given to thought is the greatest time saver of all”
~Norman Cousins~

The English essayist, Francis Bacon, states; “Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider.” Every day, various forms of information, written and/or spoken, are presented to us. We have the ability to process and consider all these various forms of information. We can believe or disregard information, which makes one wise or foolish. The contemporary definition of critical thinking is defined as, “the mental process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion” (Dictionary.com). The defined concept of critical thinking is an overall good summary; though, it goes beyond definition. It consists of meanings and concepts that give the definition its purpose. The meaning of what critical thinking is and how the individual must logically examine information, to conclude correct conclusions of thought, is time well spent.

There are many devices used in writing that the reader should be aware of when examining written content, media, advertisements, or the internet. Sources of information can leave the reader or viewer confused, if the individual does not think critically, due to issues of vagueness, ambiguity, excessive generality, or the use of undefined terms in the argument or advertising. For example, skillful writing should persuade the reader, not trying to trick them with play of words. A critical thinker will be able to point out these issues, along with fallacies that do not give good reasons to accept the claim, along with rhetorical devices that influence the readers beliefs and attitudes using words, association, and many different other devices.

Critical thinking is a skill that individuals learn and grow upon. It is a skill that is built with every written word, or any other form of information presented. When thinking critically, we learn to examine material more carefully, with growing skill. A critical thinker does not take writing at face value but reads between the lines and thinks; along with examine its contents for truth or falsehood.

Our Poetry Archive’s editorial team is extremely excited about the success and support from our readers, along with all the poets who have contributed to Our Poetry Archive. It is only through your support that OPA has grown throughout the years! The decorated souls of this world, who have contributed to the growth of Our Poetry Archive, possess qualities that many have come to appreciate. We delight in the words of others; we feel the emotions of every poet who grace us with their words. Exquisite and fascinating representation of language from each continent has been represented in Our Poetry Archive’s monthly online publication. Due to the pleasant amount of growth, Our Poetry Archive is extending our utmost thanks and appreciation to all of you! We could not have been successful without all of you! Again, we are delighted to proudly mention that the “OPA Anthology of Contemporary Women’s Poetry” has been an instant success. 99 poetesses from all over the world have taken part in this anthology with their creative brilliance, exhibiting the highest poetical achievements. Our ardent gratitude goes to those who have contributed generously in this annual Anthology of OPA. Readers can also visit this anthology by clicking “Anthology III” from the menu bar.

Please take time and enjoy the talent Our Poetry Archive has added to the August 2017 General Edition. We are also delighted to introduce poetess Michela Zanarella as ‘Poet of the Month.’ We hope our readers will enjoy the live interview with the poet along with her poetry as well. Those who would like to take part in our monthly editions can send at least three poems and a profile picture, along with the explicit confirmation, of your permission, for publication of your copyrighted materials in OPA well before the 20th of every month. If you write in another language, please send your 3 poems both in English and your native language. Also, please specify, in the subject line of your email, which edition you are submitting to, to avoid any confusion, and to assure your poems publication in the correct edition. Finally, please state your country of origin, mother language, nationality, and where you reside. Thank you! Our Poetry Archive’s email address is: ourpoetryarchive@gmail.com. We look forward to receiving and reading your poems!

Our Poetry Archive, in association with the Facebook group “LOVE POETRY”, is extending an open invitation to all the group members to take part in the Love Poetry Special Edition of OPA. The requirements of submission are to send: At least three poems, one current profile picture, short bio in 3rd person narrative of the poet mentioning, along with country of origin, mother language, nationality, place of living; the explicit confirmation of your permission for publication of your copyrighted materials in OPA; mention LOVE POETRY FACE BOOK GROUP in the Subject Line of your email. Finally, send your contributions, in a single MS-Word file, only to Our Poetry Archive’s email address: ourpoetryarchive@gmail.com. The last date of submission for the Special Edition is: 20th AUGUST 2017.

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