Friday, September 1, 2017




Oh my dear!
When I recall you
I feel your soul's smell
I feel as if I am in a prayer hall
Hearing the holy chants
And reading the gospel...
Your presence in my life
Is so pristine!
As the ringing of the Church bell...!

Do you remember?
When we met for the first time
In that evening  twilight?
I asked you "How old you are?"
You replied with a smile
"It does not matter
So long we are together
You will be seventeen
And I !
Will be twenty forever...!"

Do you remember the dream
I shared with you?
On the bank of Yamuna
I was waiting for you!
The night was full moon
And with every moment passing by
I was so desperate and
Behaving like a loon!
I did not tell you
I was lustrous to
Fall in your embrace
To feel you at my best...!
But suddenly I heard
Your enchanting voice!
You were calling me
By my name of your choice
Suddenly your voice
Turned out to be
The melody of the Divine Flute!
And in no time, I became Meera Bai*
Without knowing it is real or moot..!

*Meera Bai was the supreme devotee of Lord Krishna, who forsook all the worldly pleasures for the sake of her Divine Lover, Lord Krishna.


Will you ever realize?
How painful it is?
When you pretend
You don't love
Even if I know
You do!

Please! Don't ask me
How do you know?
(That you often do!
Ask me in thousand times
Why and how!)
Coz I have no answer
With me now
For you!

I love to assume and feel
From the core of my heart
The warmth of your words
Though unspoken they are!
I find solace in it
And love the way you care!


No one knew who's she
Greenish beauty she was !
Like a mermaid in the water
She might be the mermaid of the wood !

A young man of twenty
Once saw her in the wood
She was playing in the lake water
And he was peeping at her
From a leafy bower
The sprinkling sunshine
Enhanced her heavenly charm
A Lark and a Mynah came flying and sat on her arm
Soon she disappeared from his sight
Spell bound he was
Oblivious of it is day or night !

Each day he went there
With a hope of seeing her at a glance
But disappointed he was
As she didn't come hence

Few days later he went there again
Happiest he was as he saw her there again !
She was playing in the lake water
Singing a soothing song
The Lark and the Mynah too were
Accompanying her in the song
Spreading his colorful feathers
A peacock too was dancing there
The scene was so pleasant
That one can hardly describe in words at present
Mesmerized the young man was
By her bewildering beauty
He could not decide
It is truth or fancy.
He was so stunned by
The beauty fluorescent
That soon he caught in a reverie
As if he was in the garden of Eden !

Suddenly she saw him peeping
Stealthily she came and caught him dreaming
So shocked he was that
Dumb stricken he remained!
He tried to speak
But murmured in vein!

She came closer
And smiled at him
She held his chin lightly
Kissed him for a while gently
With tears in her eyes
She stared at him for a few seconds
And vanished from his sight
Leaving there only her fragrance!

From that day onwards
No one saw the young man again
Later in his small cottage
A young maiden of his village
Found a painting of a pied beauty
With greenery all her around !

The painting is with an old lady now
Who supposed to be that young maiden !
Who too loved him but
Her love remained suppressed
And hidden.


MALAKSHMI BORTHAKUR An Indian by birth, a Post - Graduate in English Literature and Indian Classical Vocal Music, Malakshmi Borthakur writes poetry in three languages - English, Hindi and in her mother tongue, Assamese.  Poetry is her passion and music is her pastime. She is a humanitarian poetess - issues she deals with in her poems are - love, life, pain, tears and the anguish that individuals suffer from within. Her social concern includes gender justice, human rights and human development. Many of her poems have been published in national and international journals and anthologies of repute.  Recently she has been selected for ‘Naari Saagar Samman’ - a national award for women poetess' writing in Hindi, by JMD Publications, New Delhi, India. Hailing from Jorhat, the cultural capital of the state of Assam, she is presently a resident Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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