Friday, September 1, 2017




Open your heart's arteries
Or keep the doors tightly shut
Keep the chambers squeaky clean
And hang no pictures on its walls

Blood will rush in uninvited
It knows where it must flow
Gushing in fountains of euphoria
Streaming through veins of bliss

It's like love you see
It has a secret route
Tourniquets will not dam it
Plugs will not push it back
It rises like a tidal wave
It drenches you like a tsunami

Blood is crimson when alive
A ruddy russet as you die
Love retains its brilliant hue
For it never ever dies !

Copyright Lily Swarn


It coiled under the peepul tree
An anaconda belching silently
Frozen petals of pink cosmos
Euthanised in fossil repose

It was love lying in wait
Not a sound from its tremulous mouth
Not a syllable slipping out of its strained vocal chords

Love stretched languorously
Agile , nimble footed
Ready to pounce
A cat on a hot tin roof
Love poised on dew drenched leaves
Suffused in the midnight moonbeams of his aura

Whispers have a metamorphosis
They scream in slanderous tones
Love prefers the whirlpools in your eyes
Listening to simmering ghazals
Gazing at the winking stars

Let love adorn you in emerald hues
Anoint you with green olive extracts
Crush the ittar from crimson roses
Add saffron to your milky glow
Let love seep in  unabated
Trickling into your aching soul

Copyright Lily Swarn 17.8.2017


She crept down from the terrace
Carefully trying to soften her footfall
Treading like a crow on cow dung
Deadening the sound of anklets
Midnight moonbeams mesmerised
The Chakor called its mate beseechingly
Jasmine creepers crept into unsuspecting hearts
Igniting fires of inebriated aromas

She looked with dark inquisitive eyes
From behind the fluttering blinds
Out at the vast expanse of green
He was hiding in the corn she knew
Her thudding heart beat the keherva
As she ran with a firm doe like stride
He stood up tottering and swaying
And fell like a heap of wet sand
She suppressed a scream while he slept the sleep of death

Copyright 18.8.2017

LILY SWARN won the Reuel International Prize for Poetry 2016 and was recognised by the World Union Of Poets  as Global Poet Of Peace and Universal Love., World Institute Of Peace conferred the title of Global Icon of Peace on her in Nigeria .Lily has been awarded the Virtuoso Award by Philosophique Poetica. A post graduate in English from Panjab university she has taught in the prestigious Sacred Heart College , Dalhousie.A gold medalist  for Best All Around Student from the Government College for Girls Chandigarh, Lily has two University Colours from Panjab University . One for Dramatics as 'Best actress ' and the other for excellence in Histrionics.  She was the editor of the college magazine and also wrote middles for newspapers! She won accolades for recitation of self composed poetry too.Poetry as passion blossomed after her young son's sudden demise in 2013.  She writes with a poignant touch in English, Hindi and Urdu .Her weekly columns Cantonment Calling and History  Mystery of Food are highly  popular .Lily's  poems can  be read in numerous national and International  anthologies and  have recently been translated into Italian too. .She is widely read in the internationally famous ,Poem Kubili and The Garden of poetry and prose magazine .Our Poetry Archive , monthly web journal included her work in the contemporary Poets of Asia edition .Her work has  been recognised as explosive, outstanding and powerful by different  poetry groups and they often turn their spotlight on it .A featured poet in Pentasi B Friendship poetry ,she has been invited to attend the International poetry meet  .Her poetry has also found a place in the e zine ,Incredible Women of India and in the Learning and Creativity Magazine .Lily's prose makes an appearance in the Australia based EZine ,The Mind Creative .Lily Swarn's column "History mystery of Food "is published each Wednesday in the international web magazine Different Truths .com. Her series "Cantonment Calling" in the same magazine won her exceptional readership world wide. This year she was awarded a trophy for being a 'Woman of pSubstance '.Her FB page in memory of her late son Gobind Shahbaaz Singh has tremendous following . 'A versatile genius 'is the title she got in her school,Carmel Convent . Lily has been a radio show host in North Carolina USA and  anchored prominent stage shows both  in the civil and army arenas due to her proficiency in English , Urdu ,Hindi and Punjabi .Frequently invited as a  guest for her views on the 24hour multilingual radio broadcaster ,Sher e Punjab  radio aired from Vancouver, Lily was recently interviewed by the Red River Radio "Tales from the pages "show in the  United.States . Married to an army veteran , she lives in Chandigarh,

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