Friday, September 1, 2017




Those romantic interludes I had
years back still making me
Feel young at heart
Those passionate kisses
Unforgettable in my life
Don't know where those days have gone
But the imprints are so strong n pure
If I could only live those days
Once more in my life
I will be rejuvenated throughout !
Although that love was short lived
I will never forget the passion
I experienced those days
Those looks, those holds,
Those kisses will never go
Out of my life
And I will live my life
Through those romantic interludes !

©®-Sarala Balachandran


Your loving whispers under the moonlit night
With love and care
You held my hands gently squeezing with love in your eyes, 
I knew both of us were in love,
A love that will stay forever
Your gentle kisses I always treasure
It was like petal soft and enduring !
Love the sweet glances you give me
When we are in a crowd but you never demanded anything !
It was just an endearing love between us
Not a lustful passion
Yet we love to be together always
Caressing each other
All I want in this life is your love alone,
None can replace the gentle love you give me,
Just holding hands and a kiss on my forehead
Leaves me happy throughout !
My love, I need you today
And everyday in my life just for what you are !

©® Sarala Balachandran


The blossoms of my heart
Waiting for your loving touch
I spread fragrance among lonely hearts
touching their lives with tender love and devotion
from deep within my heart!
I gather manure of love
to nurture the fragrant  blossoms in various colours
Come unto me to rest your
weary hearts on my loving shoulders
With my divine and loving embraces
You are sure to attain liberation
from this mundane world !
Look,  there far away beyond the horizon,  awaits a beautiful
paradise for all suffering on this earth
Come, follow me, I will never let you down as I have made a vow to
take care of the souls writhing in pain!



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