Friday, September 1, 2017




Exalt and delight fill up my whole body
With violent pulses
That I have to close my eyes
And take the time to breathe
Till I feel like I can be steady

It is as if butterflies have invaded my heart
Making me feel as light as air
Tingling me as to cause me
To be totally detached from reality
And to be constantly
Swirling in another!

Why, love has struck my very depth
Love, has bid me to stand on high cliffs
And dream of it being eternal
Love, has bid me to watch waves crashing on shores
And want to be one of its foams
Constantly engaged in ecstatic love making
With the expanse of the ocean!
Why, love
Has bid me to want to speak to the moon
So that it discloses to me the state of the beloved
Love, so like a ruling King
Has captured me and has thrown me
In its dungeon
Meant to be a slave of it, forever!
Exalt and delight fills up my whole body
And I can only
Let go of my obligations
To let myself
React to it!


I refuse to look at the lover
For his eyes
His presence
His stature
His whole essence
Makes me feel that
The ground is sliding beneath my feet
And would swipe me away with it!

I refuse to look at the lover
For my cheeks would turn crimson
And my eyes would sparkle
Giving him a show
Of what goes on in me
When it concerns him!

But it would seem that
It is useless to keep my eyes rooted to the floor
The lover minds it not
That I look not at him
As romantic as charm itself
And as experienced as existence itself
He easily draws me to him
And bids me
To unveil the colors of my heart
To be used
To paint a living portrait
In that of his!


A magical pen in hand
I set out to draw of love
As I wanted it to be!

Love, I draw
Was even more fragranced that flowers
Love, I draw
Was even more rigid that Time and its structure
Love, I draw
Was fairer than summer
Love, I draw
Was deeper that the most abysmal pits
Love, I draw
Was more expansive than the entire universe!

Love then took shape
And turned out to be Life
Why, it whispered to me
Before disintegrating into the surroundings
To be is to love
Pray, do love all that live
Yes, do love all
Love life
As it is
Even if sometimes it becomes a weight on the heart
Even if at other times, it bids you to shed tears of blood
And even if in the end
It shall only take from you
And cause you to realize
That it was all ephemeral!

Why, I threw my magical pen in a pond
I would need it not
To draw of that which complements my life
For I do choose to love!


ANOUCHEKA GANGABISSOON is a Primary School Educator in Mauritius.  She writes poetry and short stories as hobby.  She considers writing to be the meaning of her life as she has always been influenced by all the great writers and wishes to be, like them, immortalized in her words.  Her works can be read on and she had also appeared in various literary magazines like SETU, Different Truths, Dissident Voice, In Between Hangovers Press.  She has also been published in Duane’s Poetree and also in two anthologies for the Immagine and Poesia group.  Her poems are often placed in free online contests.

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