Friday, September 1, 2017




Ok, my heart is wide open
My Soul I do bear
So where is the man
They say is everywhere?
Sure, I know he is busy
Taking care of the world
Couldn't he spare 10 minutes
For a lost, frightened little girl
They say he always listens
That each word is heard
The Shepherd attending his flock
No matter what size the herd?
I have ticked all the boxes
I have done all he has asked
I don't think I am asking
Too big a task?
Am I waiting for a bolt of lightning?
Or even a mere gentle touch
Am I not giving it my all?
Am I expecting too much?
I have always had my faith
Which has always got me through somehow
So, an honest open question
Why am I struggling now?
I'm not asking for a Miracle
A break will do just fine
My heart and Soul I give to you
But sorry God, patience isn't mine. ©


Teardrop has fallen
But it is confused
By the time it reached my chin
It was totally amused
You see, we've been here before
Many a time
Nursing a broken heart
Or when a poem wouldn't rhyme
A dark, dark place
Small and afraid
When its brother's and sister's
Rolled down my face
Lower than rock bottom
Nowhere else to go
Feeding my misery with the bottle
A way out? I don't know

Hey! Back to the Teardrop
The one that's confused
Let me try and explain
Why it was confused?
I feel I have been asleep
For a hundred years
And I have awoken
With joys and cheers
The world looks new
A whole different place
I have the biggest smile
On my face
A feeling in my stomach
I don't recognize
And it has taken me
Totally by surprise
Some may call it harmony
Some may call it calm
Some, even happiness
Like a lucky charm
Do I take out Insurance?
Do I put it under Arrest?
For me and my HAPPY teardrop
Must do our best
This feeling to keep


I felt like a nobody
Just plodding along
Nursing my raw wounds
Just like in a love song
Forever writing my story
For no one to see
just pages and pages
My pen and me
A non-existent life
Alone in the night
A broken Soul
With no more fight
A wounded shadow
Lost and alone
Stumbling in the darkness
Nowhere felt like home

Then I shared my pages
For others to see
From being a nobody
I became a somebody
Not only did they read them
But took notice of what I wrote
They wanted to read more
they rescued my sinking boat
They didn't judge me
Nor were they shocked
They weren't disgusted
Nor did they mock
The took me at face value
They opened their hearts
They helped me fight my demons
Right from the very start
It's said everyone has a story
Waiting to be told
Bad, sad indifferent
Horrifying or bold?
I urge you to share it
Don't keep it all inside
It will eat away like a cancer
From the world, you will always hide
I felt like a nobody
My shame I couldn't share
Now I am a somebody
Overcome sometimes,
How so many people do care


KARI THOMASON is an English poet, and has been writing poetry for over 40 years. Most of her work is based on her personal journey through life, all the good, the bad and the ugly! She was born, raised and has lived in Leeds, England, most of her life, with the exception of living in Scotland and Norfolk for a few years in between. Kari became a member of a Facebook group called Poetry In Motion (PIMs for short) and after uploading some of her poems, she went on to win the highly acclaimed Honouree Golden Pen award, an award that had never been won on the group before. A few months later, she won another award on PIMs, which resulted in 12 of her poems narrated and uploaded onto YouTube, 5 of which have gone global, her own webpage, and 4 poems will be published in a book that is coming out at Christmas (2017). She has also recently won a silver in Wildfire Publications for her short story, ‘The Mirror’. It is from this that has got her work noticed, and has had lots of interest from writers/companies all around the world. Kari is a mum of 2, with 3 grandchildren, who are her absolute world. Due to ill health, she spends her days at home, concentrating on her poetry, and has recently become a born again Christian, and enjoys going to church, and meeting fellow Christians. Kari is now also known as a Christian poet.

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