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“A road not traveled; is only a wasted dream:
The journey begins from within.”
~Stacia Lynn Reynolds~

Our Poetry Archive’s dedication is to pursue every avenue; a journey of sowing the seeds of greatness among poets around the world. Poets, along with readers of Our Poetry Archive, have expressed inner emotions of peace, racism, collaborated the voices of poetess’ from around the world, along with continental focus of cultural literature, through words. All throughout the world, humanity is facing heartache and hardships; whether it be violence, famine, hate, and/or individual torment. On a positive note, Our Poetry Archive’s Online Poetry Blog, have come together, throughout the years of live blogging, with one purpose; appreciation of expression from every poet who submits their penned work. We have found that no matter what is going on in the world, there are those of us who unite, through poetry, together, to make an impact in the literary community. The amount of response to Our Poetry Archive is appreciated beyond words. Poets from around the globe have put personal effort in the success of Our Poetry Archive, and it does not go unrecognized. We all share the same passion for words and the expression of those words. Every poet express individual artist meanings, through symbolism and allegory, stirring the emotion of inner thought and meaning of perception. Our Poetry Archive strives Month after Month to grow and advance in the peace that comes from each penned word through our General Editions, Continental Editions, and Anthologies. Our Poetry Archive strives, in every monthly blog, to highlight and focus various talents, from every individual’s penned talent.

“Words that live within are expressions upon a page”
~Stacia Lynn Reynolds~

May all our dreams live on and stars shine bright through every edition of Our Poetry Archive, along with the monthly spotlight shining upon, “The Poet of the Month.”

In the September 2017 General Edition of OPA, we are pleased to introduce the beautiful and inspirational Poetess, Toni Lovric, in her own words. We appreciate every participant who has agreed to our interview, and respond to Our Poetry Archive’s personalized questionnaire. It has been an exciting adventure, and pleasure, reading the responses from every poet’s personal interviews throughout the years. Also, please take time and enjoy the talent Our Poetry Archive has added to the September 2017 General Edition, along with the Poet of the Month, Toni Lovric’s personal interview and five penned moving words of poetry.

Those who would like to take part in our upcoming editions, please send three poems and a profile picture, along with the explicit confirmation, of your permission, for publication of your copy righted materials in Our Poetry Archive, well before the 20th of every month. If you write in another language, please send your 3 poems both in English and your native language. Also, please specify, in the subject line of your email, which edition you are submitting to, to avoid any confusion, and to assure your poems publication in the correct edition. Finally, please state your country of origin, mother language, nationality, and where you reside. Thank you! Our Poetry Archive’s email address is: We look forward to receiving and reading your poems!

Author Stacia Lynn Reynolds, editor, sincerely thanks each poet and reader who is actively involved in this wonderful monthly web journal and continued thier support of Our Poetry Archive.
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