Friday, September 1, 2017




The ink that fills up the blank pages
Hears the echo  talking back
To transcend multiple realities.
Each secret is only shouted to the stone
To turn into a question
Till I lie awake night after night
Never to get the answer.
The theme of the night is lost somewhere
At the stalemate of shadow and light
To push everything finally into darkness
In the echo of light.
Nothing is enough to hear its own voice
In search of a further distance
To loose eternally and never to escape.
The subtls un settling of the stone on the surface of the water
Can only disappear in the secrets of the breath.
It changes when it does not remember
To stand at the edge of the ocean
To cross the horizon with a different tune.
The fallen sounds of each word
Dance bare foot under the universe
To run and tell the stars
To close their eyes and to be lost with the candle
That lights the night
To wake up and listen
The questions of the remaining darkness
Underneath the abyss of the infinity
Echoing the otherside of the ultimate presence.

Copyright@ Sudhansu


The love is licked from the moist heart
Never glanced behind the curtain
When the figure is absent inside the room
Before uttering an illicit farewell.
The lifeless being sleeps on the palms without a face
To linger the story in his mind.
Does it deserve a life for a life?
In the unfurled wings of a dependable dove?
All smiles are faded into a rare form
In the words of the quiet story.
The cold embrace trouble by the fate
Cannot love a man in the other side of the screen.
The eyes that cry also can wink at the lips
Those drink the entire line of the face
Traced back to the past.
Tears sometimes flow
Parallel the lines of happiness
In a passively aggressive small talk.
Every morning I see the mirror
Seeing someone new in me
Where I am ever gone and only a stranger is left
Whose sins are costly for a price to be paid.

Copyright@ Dr Sudhansu Dash


The sky opens with the closing lines
Yet remembers the names
It thought true
When each move of the eyes
And each beat of the heart
Taking their false steps
Towards the absurd distance
In one form or the other.
People talk about the speaker
 Increasingly divorcing the meaning from the word
In a separate voice.
All human beings are less than human
In their twisting heart beats
To place themselves in an unaware somewhere.
The fatal force justifies itself a fear
To shift him to a fictionalized being.
To  arrest the feet in the empty distance
When the whole sky is unlocked for the earth.


Dr SUDHANSU DASH is a Professor in English language and literature Studies working under Department of Higher Education,Govt of Odisha.An Indo Anglican Poet of International recognisation having 10 published Anthologies in united States and 47 articles published in Article Base .Com ,New York.A research scholar for D. Litt on linguistics and English Language Communicative Skills in Utkal University of Culture.

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